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Wazir Khan Masjid Lahore Restoration

Wazir Khan Masjid Lahore Restoration

Wazir Khan Masjid is located in old Walled City of Lahore. It was built in 17th century, 1634-1641, by governor of Lahore Hakim Ilam ud Din Ansari AKA Wazir Khan on the orders of HIM Emperor Shah Jahan 1. Wazir Khan Mosque is famous for its beautiful layout plan, three, domes and 4 minarets with beautiful canopies. Wazir Khan Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques of the world due to kasha-kari work and colorful interiors.

Renovation of Wazir Khan Mosque

The Mosque structure was deteriorating until efforts to conserve the mosque started in 2009 under the supervision of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and the Government of Punjab. Financial contributions were from the governments of Germany, Norway, and the United States. Conservation work started in 2013 when Royal Embassy Norway provided the funds to restore the northern façade of the mosque. This phase of restoration completed in 2016 and during this time work on eastern facade also started. Restoration of eastern facade of Wazir Khan Mosque was financed by US Embassy. The extensive conservation work was carried out with great details. Original materials have been used for the renovation work to bring back the glory of original structure, details and settings. Now conservation work is complete and Mosque will be opened for the general public shortly.

The biggest threat to mosque was the encroachments and shops on both sides of main entrance gate. According to the historians, shops were rented out to the people for the up-keeping of the mosque. Now all encroachments and shops have been removed. The forecourt has been developed in front of the main gate. The forecourt has low boundary wall that will protect the mosque from encroachments. Forecourt will be used for planting beautiful trees and also for cultural events like Qawwali & Mushaira.

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  1. Nazish fatima

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    It is true that their is a lot of discussion in different TV chanel and matter is really confusion and it is totally beyond to understand.

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    She is already waiting to finalised the Panama case. So what you advise. Should she wait till budget ?

    What your suggestion about prices will come down. Is their any hope?

  2. Muhammad azeem yddin

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    nice your comments and technical analysis…

    actually PANAMA CASE has discussed a LOT in TV shows and now this is beyond to understand what is WRONG and what is RIGHT.

    But according to your CLEAR views I think people will understood the right situation.

    hope you will through more LIGHTS in future.

  3. Muhammad azeem yddin

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    I will appreciate your technical analysis regarding the decesion of PANAMA CASE…

    now what impact PROPERTY PRICES????

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    • Muhammad azeem yddin
      Everyone has interpenetrated the panama case decision according to their wishes
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  4. Delawar

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    Wazir khan masjid bahhot payari ga. muramat ke bad our ache lag rahe ha. lakin sath ke buiding sara view taba karte hain. side ke buildings agar gara de jain tu view bahoot acha ho ga.


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