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6 qualities of good estate agents

6 qualities of good estate agents

Here are the top 6 qualities of good estate agents;

Knowledge and experience about reality business

Good real estate agents are those who have complete knowledge about real estate business and good hands-on experience. Top estate agents know the complete paper works and can help the clients in transferring properties. They also can maintain buy to let properties on the behalf of landlords and can advise investors about hot investments.

Information about the area

For a good real estate agent it is very important to have knowledge about local area or the area where s/he is dealing. Good realtors have done surveys of the areas. They personally know the streets, shopping areas and land mark buildings. It’s also useful to have map or layout plans of the areas which can be shown to clients.

Good idea about current market situation

For a good estate agent it’s very important to be well informed. They should have complete grip of the market trends and property price movements. Many estate agents work as investment consultant who have long list of investors. For such agents its ideal to know the market trends otherwise their investors will sustain huge losses.

Good negotiation skills and ability to compromise

Real estate agent is the middleman between buyer and seller. Good negotiating skill is a plus point for a successful agent. These skills will help the agent to convince both parties to agree on the price. Similarly, willingness to work and share profit with other estate agents is also the top quality of good estate agent, as it helps the quick sale of properties.

Knows the better usage of technology

This is the age of technology. Now sale and purchase of properties is via property portals or through social media. Good real estate agent should know the use of online media. They must have membership of top property portals and also should maintain Facebook or other social media pages. It’s also highly recommended to have some knowledge of photography as good photographs enhance the chances of quick sale.


Buyers are always suspicious of estate agent as many estate agents have cheated the clients. A good reputation for estate agents is a plus point which pays in long run. Good reputation can be earned through honestly. Therefore a good estate agent should be honest. Due to honesty and good reputation, your clients will refer you to the other prospective clients.

Rights of landlord and tenant

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    • sohail arham
      Pakistan deficit is record high is last few months. IMF has told Pakistan to impose extra taxes of $1.8 billion.
      Property market
      Property transactions are low at the moment due to;
      1- Political uncertainty
      2- Budget 2017-18 speculations
      3- Declining economy

      • m anwar

        on   said 

        Sir, in current situation, we should wait for the budget or buy the plot.
        Also give ur opinion that Jinnah garden housing society isb or agosh1 hosuing scoety, isb , which is better for living and insvestment purpose, please reply

          • m anwar

            on   said 

            ok, then after budget, what will be impact on property prices.
            plz reply
            and also plz reply for my safe investment, jinah garden isb or bahira town phase 8 rwp which is better, for ur valuable comments, as I do job in isb

          • m anwar
            I will write a detailed blog about price direction once budget is announced

            Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi is much better investment as after the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road, its location will be ideal; between G.T. Road and Ring Road

      • Nawaz Ali

        on   said 

        Dear Ghar 47,

        I have a question for you.

        I want to buy affidavit file of dha bahwalpur and dealer informed me that transfer from lahore is possible and after receipt of token seller in bahwaplur will obtain the intimation letter from dha bahwalpur and it will be sent to dha lahore and same can be verified from dha lahore office and after verification you can handover the pay-order to seller.

        However allocation letter will be issued only in dha bahwalpur office.

        Please advise if this process is complete and reliable, if any precaution need to take then advise.

        Jazak Allah


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