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Selecting good space for business

Selecting good space for business

For establishing a successful business, good space is very important. Location, size, style and accessibility are some of the top factors which are considered before selecting a good commercial space. Let’s discuss these factors for selecting good space for business.


It is very important to consider your financial condition. If you have small budget, you will get very small space that cannot fulfill your requirements. Similarly one should also consider the bills and maintenance costs before selecting a commercial space. It’s highly recommended that one should select a commercial space after thorough review of budget.


Prime location definitely increases the chances of business success. Good locations for commercial spaces are situated on the main roads, in famous landmark buildings or city centers. This is why businesses located in central business districts and famous road have high success rates.

Overall size and storage facility

Size does matter while selecting a good commercial space. Sometimes we need to hire more employees in future which require extra space. Similarly if we are selling stuffs, we should first acquire about proper storage space to store the goods. Therefore it’s very important to select commercial space which fulfills our present and future needs.


Local infrastructure and transportation facilities have huge impact on the success of business. Good road network and public transportation facilities definitely increase the success of business. Businesses located near to bus / train stops or on main roads have high success rate.

Parking facility

Cities are changing due to fast technological advancements. Car ownership is increasing day by day and this has huge impact on the success of business. More and more people are using vehicles for commuting and shopping. Commercial areas with ample parking space have higher business success rate.

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    • ali zeeshan
      Property market is stagnant at the moment due to the following reasons;
      Political turmoil or un-stability
      No investor in the market, only genuine buyers due to which volume of transactions have decreased
      People are patiently waiting for the budget 2017-18, as chances of tax revision is expected

      Hopefully we will get much clear picture, once budget 2017-18 is announced.


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