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Home interior ideas for summer season

Home interior ideas for summer season

Summer season is the time to relax and enjoy in Pakistan, when outdoor and indoor activates are at peak. In summer season you need your house to look cool and relaxing. Either your home is a typical house or an apartment; you want it enjoyable in summer season. You just need to have interior of your home for summer that has cooling effect and is best to absorb cool morning & evening breeze. To make your home perfect for summer season you need to do the following interior changes:-

Color scheme

Colors have great effect on our moods. Colors are generally divided into two categories, warm and cool. Lighter colors are considered as cool colors, whereas dark colors are considered as warm colors. In summer you just need to select cool colors for your home interiors. You need to select white or lighter tones of wallpapers or paints for home interiors. White color is the coolest color and also gives the feeling of largeness. Same is true for furniture, bed sheets and curtains. You just need to select lighter color curtains, bed sheets and furniture that give the cooling effect.

Use light weight curtains

If you want your home to bring in cool night air and to keep out the hot air radiated from the walls, then you just need light weight curtains. Curtains should be both lighter in color and lighter in weight. Lighter curtains will help you get out hot air and bring in the cool breeze. This way you can enjoy the morning and evening cool breeze.

Indoor plants

To décor your home interior according to the summer season, you just need to bring in small plants. Plants and small vegetable trees are good source of coolness as they absorb heat and refresh the atmosphere. You can find a variety of small plants and genetically modified small trees that can bring coolness to interiors.

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