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Renovate your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Renovate your Home in 5 Easy Steps

A home is normally renovated to improve the appearance and structure. People renovate when homes get older, buy old homes or when they want to sold homes to get good value. In all cases home renovation brings improved living and better value to home.  Many contractors buy cheap old homes and sell on high rates after good refurbishment. Lets discuss how to renovate your home in 5 easy steps.

Check sewerage, electricity, gas and water pipelines

Many old houses have sewerage problems. These problems should be solved on first priority. Secondly electricity, gas and water pipelines in old houses have problems due to broken or damaged pipes. These problems should be solved as these repairs cannot be done lately and they will always cause problems. If cast iron pipes have been used, replace these with PVC pipes.

Structural improvements including the addition of rooms

Next step for renovating a home is to do the structural changes and improvements. First improve the existing structure by repairing the cracks in walls or door and window tops. After that just build rooms if you want more space on ground floor or first floor.

Flooring work including bathroom & kitchen tiles

After you have improved the structure, you need to do the flooring work. Old houses have terrazzo or marble flooring, but now people prefer tiles for flooring. Just replace the old floor and also fix tiles in bathrooms and kitchen. Bathroom & kitchen tiles have lot of color and design variation but modern trends are simple and lighter in color.

Wood work improvements

Next step of home renovation is to improve the wood work. Doors, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets need to be checked thoroughly. If doors, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets have been damaged by termite or you just need to replace the old designs, do it. Wood work is generally very expensive item. Solid wood work is more expensive than engineered wood work. You can buy engineered doors, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets to reduce the refurbishment cost.

Painting the interior and exterior of your home

The last step about how to renovate your home is to paint the interior and exterior. Color selection matters a lot for painting interior and exterior of a home. Modern homes have light colors for interior and exterior. Light colors give impression of large spaces. After painting the interior and exterior, your home is ready for living or sale.

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