July 2014

Choosing a Builder

Choosing a builder Constructing own home is one of the most exciting things in the world, but not everyone can construct it. The reason is the expertise and tools you need to construct a home. But builders or contractors are…

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Choosing an Architect

Choosing an architect Everyone in the world wants a beautiful home. People can design their own home as it’s the most exciting thing but we do need to understand the technicalities which are involved in it. It’s much better to…

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Green Cities in Pakistan

Green Cities in Pakistan A city that is designed and developed on environment-friendly principles is called as sustainable, eco-friendly or green city. Green city is developed by the effective use of resources like raw materials, water and energy. Green city…

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Commercial versus residential property

Commercial versus residential property Commercial real estate A property which is used for business purposes is known as commercial property or commercial real estate. Commercial property includes restaurants, hotels, malls, shopping centers, office buildings, industries, etc. Commercial real estate is…

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Home ownership is declining in Pakistan

Home ownership is declining in Pakistan Current level of home ownership in Pakistan is approximately 75%. The level of home affordability in Pakistan is declining day by day and it’s becoming hard for a common person to afford a decent home. Home…

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