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Choosing an Architect

Choosing an architect

Everyone in the world wants a beautiful home. People can design their own home as it’s the most exciting thing but we do need to understand the technicalities which are involved in it. It’s much better to hire the services of qualified architects as they are expert in their filed. An architect can design your home and also can assist you in the construction process. Architect can also obtain planning permission on your behalf. Architect can also find you good builder and can also supervise the construction work. Here the important things you should consider before choosing an architect.

Specialized field

Architecture is a vast field and has many categories like residential, commercial, industrial and landscape. It’s better to know the specialties of the architect. If you want to get design of your home, you need to hire residential architect. But if you are looking for the designs of commercial buildings, then you need consult commercial architects.

License to practice

Architects are required the license to practice. License helps the architects to get planning permission on the behalf of clients. Therefore it is required to hire an architect who is registered with the local development authority and can assist you in getting planning permission.

Review previous work

You should review the previous works of an architect to know his/her experience and quality of work. You can analyze the work by viewing maps, layout plans and also can visit the on ground completed buildings. This will give you the complete picture that how satisfactory his/her services are.

Services you need

It’s important to know that what services an architect can provide and these should be discussed in details before signing the contract. It’s also much depends on the services you need. If you want drawings and supervision of construction work, you should discuss it. You should also ask the architect about good builder to construct your home.

Architect’s fee

The last major thing before signing a contract with the architect is the fees you will pay. Normal fees are in the range 3-10% of construction costs. Fees vary on the scale of work as architects charge less percentage for large projects and high percentage on small projects. Similarly you should also discuss the fees if you want your architect to supervise the construction work too.

Signing contract with an architect

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