August 2014

River Ravi Boulevard Project

River Ravi Boulevard Project Historically all cities were built near rivers. Rivers were the main sources of water supply and natural barriers & protection from the enemies. Indus Valley Civilization, Isfahan, Baghdad, Lahore, Delhi, Agra and many other cities were…

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Car free Pakistan

CAR FREE PAKISTAN; Car usage and its problems in Pakistan In the last decade the usage of cars has tremendously increased in Pakistan, which in turn has increased the traffic on roads. This increase in traffic is causing many problems…

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Signing Contract with a Builder

Signing contract with a builder Home building contract For construction of your home, you need to hire a builder. The best contractor is one who has good reputations and is expert in construction field. Good builder has also the team…

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We need social housing reforms in Pakistan

We need social housing reforms in Pakistan Social Housing Many people cannot afford to rent homes around the world which results in homelessness. Therefore governments help to provide the housing to the homeless people and also to those who are on…

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