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Signing Contract with an Architect

Signing contract with an architect
Home designing contract

For layout plans of your home, you need to hire an architect. The best architect is one who has license to practice and has vast experience in designing homes. Good architect can help you find a good builder to construct your home and can also supervise the construction work on site. After you have selected a good architect to design your home, you need to sign the contract. This will help out to know the duties and responsibilities of both parties; architect and owner. Here are the things to know before signing contract with an architect:

Details of services

When you hire an architect, you need to know the scale of the work and service you want you architect to provide. It depends on you to just get the drawings / layout plans or additionally ask the architect to supervise the construction work. You can discuss the details of service you want your architect to provide.

Negotiating fee

After you have discussed about the services with your architect, now you should negotiate the architect’s fee. Fees depend on the scale of the work and the services you need. For just the drawings or layout plans, architect will charge less. But if you want the architect to supervise the construction work, fee will be higher.

Paper work or documentation

When details about the services and architect’s fee are finalized, now both parties can proceed to paper work or documentation. This will be the agreement between home owner and architect or architectural firm. The contract will specify the services architect will provide and fee you have to pay. The contract will also specify the fee installments or the time when you have to pay it. This contract will be helpful in future if any dispute arises.

Choosing an architect

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