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Pakistani housing after 75 years of struggle

Pakistan: The land of pure Pakistan is the land of pure. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan and his illustrious followers worked hard to create an independent state for the Muslims of sub-continent. After the great efforts, Pakistan was created on 14th August 1947. Pakistan Resolution Day 23rd March 1940 23rd March is…

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Pakistani celebrity homes

Pakistani celebrity homes Where do celebrities live in Pakistan? A Celebrity Historically, only kings, queens, lords and generals were considered as the celebrities. But this trend changed in the 16th& 17th centuries, when doctors, engineers and artists emerged as the new celebrities. The 18th & 19th centuries saw great technological advancements. Inventors and scientists emerged…

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Pakistani dream home

Pakistani dream home Dream home Everyone in the world has an ideal home they dream about and want to live in. Some people want large size homes and villas, while others love to have beautiful apartments. Like individuals, every nation has its own ideal home. The ideal national home is dependent on land and resources…

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