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Pakistani dream home

Pakistani dream home
Dream home

Everyone in the world has an ideal home they dream about and want to live in. Some people want large size homes and villas, while others love to have beautiful apartments. Like individuals, every nation has its own ideal home. The ideal national home is dependent on land and resources available. For example USA, Australia, Canada and Spain have lot of land area and people love to own villas or large size houses. Whereas India, Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan have less land and people dream to live in the decent apartments.

Dream home in Pakistan

In Pakistan flats and apartments are not popular. People just want to live in the large size homes. Pakistani people have their own set of features they want in their dream homes. Here are the top features that every Pakistani wants in a home:

4-5 bedrooms with attached baths

Pakistanis are used to live in joint families. Joint family always needs more space and rooms. Adults in Pakistan prefer to live with the parents. Living separately even after marriage is not hailed in Pakistan. Therefore people want large houses with many rooms, where they can live comfortably. Ideal home for Pakistanis is one that has 4 to 5 bedrooms. In many countries people share the bathrooms. Bath to bed ratio in Europe is less than 1. But in Pakistan, people like bathrooms that are attached to the bedrooms.

Two kitchens and dining area

Two kitchens are very rare in Europe. But people want two kitchens in Pakistan, one for the owners and other for the servants. This has nothing to do with the requirements but just a luxury that people want in Pakistan. People also want separate area for dining that is attached to the kitchen, living room and drawing room.

Separate living room and drawing room

There is no concept of separate living room and drawing room in many countries. But people in Pakistan want these separately. People in Pakistan don’t want to share living room with the guests. Guests are entertained in the drawing rooms. Therefore people prefer to have separate living room and drawing room in Pakistan.


Pakistanis love to live in the houses that have gardens. Garden is important for the outdoor activities like B.B.Q and evening tea. People love to grown beautiful flowers and small trees in these gardens to enjoy the nature and greenery. Some people also grown vegetables and fruits in their gardens.

Car porch for 2-3 cars

In Pakistan public transportation facilities are limited. There are no underground trains. Metro bus services have just started, but metro bus service is not covering the all city areas. Therefore Pakistanis use own vehicles to go to work and shopping. A large size car porch that can accommodate 2-3 cars is a must in Pakistan.

Servant quarter

Wages are very low in Pakistan as compared to the other countries. People can easily afford maids and servants. People normally hire a family who serves them. Male members serve as watchmen or drivers, whereas female members serve as cooks and also take care of the cleaning work. This is why a servant quarter is required in Pakistan for the accommodation of the servants.

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