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Tips for building home to a budget

Tips for building home to a budget | How to control house construction cost in Pakistan?

Majority of Pakistanis love to build own homes, as this helps them to build homes according to their requirements. But very few people can build home to a budget, as construction cost exceeds in most cases. Home construction cost normally exceeds due to unawareness of construction process and ways to save money. This article is a guideline for those people, who want to build own home to a budget in Pakistan.

Build simple and modern homes

Modern houses with straight line elevations and simple features cost less to build. Whereas, traditional house designs with arches and domes cost more to build, as labor cost and material wastage increases. You should ask your architect to design simple and modern house as they cost less to build. Modern homes sell like hot cakes, as most people like modern homes than traditional ones.

Select local building material suppliers

Transportation cost is a major factor in the overall cost of home construction. Building materials supplied from far away cost more as transportation cost increases with the distance. Therefore to build a home on budget, you should select the local building material suppliers as they will transport the construction materials on normal rates.

Select normal finishes for your home

Choice of finishes you choose for your home also matters. Home finishes have lot of price variation. You can choose normal finishes than luxury or very expensive finishes. Expensive finishes and fixtures you choose will increase the cost of construction. This is recommended that you just buy the average price finishes for your home.

Select finishes and fixtures after thorough market search

Cost of finishing material has lot of variation due to the large margins. Many sellers sell their products on high rate, whereas others sell on normal rates. Therefore finishing materials like bathroom & kitchen tiles, bathroom & kitchen fixtures, marble, tiles, door handles etc. should be bought after thorough market research to build your home on budget.

Control the damage cost

Normally lot of building & finishing material is wasted by the labor during construction of a home. This wastage is normally due to the careless handling of construction material on the site. This wastage of construction material increases the overall construction cost of home. Normally 15% material is wasted on site which is known as damage cost. This damage cost can be controlled by encouraging the labor to carefully handle the materials.

Never start construction work in rainy season

July and August are the rainy months in Pakistan. You should avoid staring the construction of home in these months. Many hazards have been recorded during the rainy seasons like collapse of walls as foundations never gain full strength. Pace of construction work is also affected as we cannot plaster outer walls due to rain. Construction materials become expensive in rainy season due to transportation issues. Therefore, home construction should not be started in the rainy season as it increases the construction cost.

House construction cost in Pakistan

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  1. Ikram Sial

    on   said 

    AOA , I have a plot size 35*31 i want to buils a single story house with two bed rooms 1 drawing room 1 kitchen tv longue and garage how it cost me please me.And i need architect if you have any info please tell me.thanks

  2. Muhammad

    on   said 

    I have 10 marla 250yards residential plot in Bahria town Karachi. Plot 35×70
    I want to construction ground plus one. Construction class A .
    Please guide me how much budget required.

  3. Farooq

    on   said 

    I have a plot of 500 Syds at Anchorage Islamabad, and want to to build a normal standard house double story. Please suggest grey structure cost and finishing cost. does soil testing is covered under architect contract or in constructor contract.

    • Farooq
      Your architect can help you to arrange soil test. Or s/he might suggest you good soil engineer for soil test. Soil test is required for building / construction permit and you need to submit it for planning approval.
      500 Yards double storey house will cost you approximately 1.1-1.25 Crore for normal construction.
      Grey structure will cost you approximately 70 Lac and rest will be the finishing cost

  4. Kashif

    on   said 

    asalam o alekum sir, I am planning to construct 5 marla single story 34×40 house in Taxila near Wah cantt, 2 Beds with attach bath, 1TVL,1kitchen, 1 drawing room and porch please tell me the cost of grey structure, and finishes, and marble separately plz thanks…

    • Kashif
      Grey structure cost will be 16 LAC
      Marble cost will be 1-1.5 Lac
      5-6 LAC will be the cost of other finishes, electricity and sanity work
      Total cost will be approximately 22-24 LAC

  5. Asif Malik

    on   said 

    I need opinion of building one Kanal house double story covered area is 5500 sq feet
    How much it cost of
    Grey structure
    I have budget of 50 lacs

    • Asif Malik
      Grey structure will cost you 80 LAC
      Total finishing & structure will cost you 125 LAC

      What I will suggest is that you just first complete the structure work of ground floor

  6. SIR AOA

  7. Mudassir

    on   said 

    I have place in Islamabad total size is around 14 Marla want to built house….
    so cover area will be 8 Marla for double story house with basement kindly tell me how much it will cost me
    I want to know full house ready till I get key in my hand

  8. Dear

    I want to build a 7000 sft hall for factory in Lahore just grey construction this will be on (20) pillars and full lenter. How much this will cost me in material and labour. I will be obliged if you can give me cost of material and labour separate please…. Thanks

  9. Sohail

    on   said 


    mai’ve 10 Merla plot in Bahria town lahore and planning to start its construction very soon in January or February ’17 inSha’Allah. Need your guidance on the construction cost with and without material, Architect design (you mentioned somewhere in this page for Modern style – can you please share a few designs?).

    Many Thanks in advance.

  10. Muhammad Rizwan

    on   said 

    I am going to enter into a labour contract for construction of upper portion of house in Lahore Cantt. area @ Rs. 250/sft. Can anybody guide about salient features to be covered under contract.

  11. Muhammad Asif

    on   said 

    I want to build a second storey on my existing house measuring 10 marlas situated in Walton Lahore. Estimated covered area 1000 sqft. approx. Will you please advise cost of construction.

  12. Tauquir aliraza

    on   said 

    Sir. I have 240 yards plot in society near saadi town. What will be the single story simple construction Not luxerious with complete breakup. Estimated time?

  13. Babur

    on   said 

    Sir; AOA I have a plot in safari valley Phase 8 Bahria town Islamabad covered area 25×45 sq feet. Please tell me cast of construction of double story home. Please mention the cast of grey structure and finishing separately. Thanks

  14. sajjad khan

    on   said 

    Dear I just wanted know that how much a bathroom of 8 feet by 8 feet will coast , without the coast of gray structure only washbasin, shower cubical, 2 English comods and tiles with mirror and other accessories.

    • Sajjad Khan
      This is basically the renovation of bathroom
      First you collect the price data of all items you want to fix / replace including the tiles prices.
      Secondly ask some good builder that what he will charge.
      The best way is to first go to market and choose the fixture and tiles you want for your bath.

  15. saqib mehmood

    on   said 

    dear i have 120 yard plot in karachi i want 02 bed tv launch kitchen drawing room
    with excellent front elevation how much cost is expected
    plot east open
    please advise regarding coast /amout


    saqib mehmood

  16. shahzad malik

    on   said 

    Dear respected
    i want to build a double story house at K-Block DHA PHASE II LAHORE,
    total covered area of the approved design is 1800SQFT
    what will be the cost of normal house
    if possible kindly provide estimated breakdown

    • Shahzad Malik
      1800 sq ft construction will cost you approximately 45 Lac
      But as high end finishes are used in DHA so you can go up to 50 Lac
      Approximately 27 Lac is the cost of grey structure
      and 18-23 Lac is the cost of finishes

  17. AOA
    I want to construct single story home with grey structure and door windows holding constructed area 1400 sq ft. What will be the budget required


  18. S.A CH

    on   said 

    I want to build home in my home town. Its near Kharian distt. Gujrat. covered area 2700 Seq Feet, only single floor. what will be the estimated cost.

  19. I want to build30*40sqft house in banigala ,3bedrooms with attach bath kitchen and landary with car porch, how Mitch it will cost

  20. Ahmad

    on   said 

    I want to build a single storey house. Two beds attached baths, kitchen, tv lounge, drawing. I have only 30 lacs. within this amount is it possible ? Plz guide.

  21. Faisal

    on   said 

    Hi dear,

    I have 30 * 60 plot in Jinnah Gardens, Islamabad. I need to construct a double storey house (2 units). My budget is around 45 lac. Do you think it is enough? any suggestions?

  22. S.N Ahamed

    on   said 


    I have 8 marla single story house in Abbottabad. I have decided to make it double story. Consider all first floor as covered area. What would be the cost estimation?

  23. Mahmood

    on   said 

    I am starting construction of 1 kanal house in statelife phase 1 Lahore. I want to build 20’x20′ basement, so total 400 sq ft. what is the cost of construction for basement per square foot.
    many thanks

  24. Sara

    on   said 

    Hi! i.want to build a simple modern house in bahria town 10 marla. Double story house can you plz tell me the price of grey structure as well as complete finish with red brick look outer. Built in modern kitchen fittings
    Mrs Murtaza

    • Mrs Murtaza
      Grey structure cost will be approximately = 45 Lac
      Finishing cost = 20 Lac
      Grey Brick facing cost = 5 Lac
      Total Cost of 10 Marla double storey house with red bricks = 70 Lac

  25. Dear Sir,
    I have A plot in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Plot size is 30X70 Sqr Ft.
    I want to make 2Bed 2 Bath TVL , Kitchen, Car Porch.
    Covered area not over 1500 Sqr Ft, including Mumty. ( Stairs case for Up)
    Construction Simple, B Class.
    Please inform Grey Structure cost & Finishing Separately with Material.
    With regards.

  26. Abrar

    on   said 

    Dear Sir,
    I want to construct modern house with simple design on 35 x 65 Plot size, in NPF O-9.

    Can you please give your expert opinion on the following Request:

    1. What will be the minimum covered area?
    2. What will be the Grey structure cost?
    3. What will be the finishing cost separately?

    With thanks in Advance

  27. Zaibunnisa

    on   said 

    Asalamualicum. I want to construct a house on one kanal plot in baheria town phase 8. I want house size of 10 marla and half plot as lawn.
    House double story.
    What will be the cost .
    How much time it will take for all the process.
    Is there reliable company to trust ?
    I am overseas pakistani.

  28. Muhammad Kamran

    on   said 

    25*58 house 2 bed rooms 1 Kitchen 1 Drawing room with porche parking single storey with 3 bathrooms
    Pls tell me the cost in Bahawalpur Punjab.

  29. Tanveer

    on   said 

    hi i want to construst a single story house on 11 marla with car porch, lawn, 2 bedrooms, store, darwing dinning combine, kitchen and powder room how much will it cost on grey structure and complete finishing

  30. Amer

    on   said 

    I want to construct a house in multan. The covered area of ground floor is 2500 sq ft. And for first floor is 1900 sq ft. The plot sir is 34 x 80 ft. Can u tell me the construction cost.

  31. ayesha

    on   said 

    i want to construct a house in pakistan and my house size for construction a sper deisgned map is 1300 square feet 800 for the ground flor and 550 for the first flor with A class materail. how much the construction cost.

  32. r I want to construct home in 32*64… With filling feature.
    With16*18 lawn
    One car parking
    Please share following info.
    Max covered area?
    Cost of simple design grey structure? In Gujranwala
    Max cost of construction per squarefeet

  33. Nasir

    on   said 

    AOA, I am overseas Pakistani I want to construct one kanal house in Islamabad O-9. My plot from front to back 2-6 fee deep and its up to back side road level. I want to construct a house First story consist of (basement at end of plot)1500 sq f + 2000 sq ground floor
    Second story 2000 sq feet
    what will be the grey structure cost and what you suggest on labor rate or on contract whats the labor rate now a days.
    Please guide me thanks

    • Nasir
      Total covered area is 5500 sq ft
      Grey structure cost including boundary wall, water tanks and gate = 90 Lac
      Complete finish cost = 1.5 Crore
      Labor rate = 250-350 per sq ft
      It’s good if you go for labor rate as you can provide materials. This way you can control your budget and also you can control quality of fnishes according to your budget after the completion of grey structure.

  34. Tariq Jamali

    on   said 

    Dear I want to construct home in one kanal plot… With filling feature.
    With big lawn
    Three car parking
    12*20 feet mini swimming pool.
    Drawing and Dinning in basement.
    Please share following info.
    Max covered area?
    Cost of simple design grey structure? In DHA Islamabad..
    Max cost of construction per square feet….


    • Tariq Jamali
      1 Kanal house with swimming pool in basement will have covered area 6000 square feet
      Grey structure cost will be 90 Lac
      Complete finishing cost will be 1.5 Crore Rupees

  35. Taimoor

    on   said 

    It my first time building a 25×40 house. Pls advice important rule of the thumb n how firmly manage the labour

    • Taimoor
      Select good contractor
      Build your home on labor rates
      Provide material to contractor
      First complete grey structure work
      then according to your budget select finishing and wood work

  36. Mrs Javaid

    on   said 

    AOA, I need your advice regarding cost of constructing a school building. It has 30 rooms of 20 X 30 size. And 6 labs of 30 X 40 size.

      • hamza

        on   said 

        brother please advise the ideal cost of finishing of 120 yards house in 2nd floor, structure already ready.

        Please advise with best quality, branded and styling finishing items.

        • Hamza
          Please visit the local market, showrooms for finishes like tiles, switches etc
          This will give you idea of cost and quality and you can select according to your choice of color and design

    • Sharjeel Shahbaz

      on   said 

      Asssalamualikum! Sir what is the estimate of 5 marla single story 25×45 2 bed rooms with attach bath, tv lounge, drawing room and porch with finishing including marble for floor and tiles for bathrooms and small kitchen no wood work and grey structure estimate thankyou very much please urgently tell me.


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