Archives: October 2015

Property millionaires are increasing in Pakistan

Property millionaires are increasing in Pakistan Property millionaires Any person who owns a property of worth one million dollars or more is considered as property millionaire. Massive property boom in the last decade has created many property millionaires throughout the world. Expensive properties can be found in the world’s top cities like Beijing, Chicago, Hong…

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Flat or House debate

Flat or House debate People in Pakistan have different living choices. Some people prefer to live in flats, while others love to live in houses. Both flats and houses offer unique living experiences and both are good for living. Decision to buy a flat or home depends on the financial situation and choice of individuals….

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Buy or Rent a Home

Is it good to buy or rent a home The biggest financial decision in everyone’s life is purchasing a home. Home ownership is now 75% in Pakistan, whereas it was 85% in 2000. Home ownership is declining due to the rising property prices in Pakistan. From 2000 to 2015, Pakistan witnessed two real estate property…

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