December 2015

Gwadar is gold mine for real estate investors

Gwadar is a coastal city of Pakistan located in the province Balochistan. Gwadar has natural deep water sea port. China and Pakistan have recently signed a deal to develop Gwadar Port and Gwadar-Kashgar Economic Corridor. China is investing $46 billion…

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Homes are shrinking in Pakistan

Homes are shrinking in Pakistan World’s largest homes can be found in USA, Canada & Australia due to ample land and extremely low population density. But Pakistani average house, 3000 square feet built/covered area, is even bigger than houses in…

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Prices of luxury homes are crashing

Prices of luxury homes are crashing Luxury high-end homes in Pakistan High-end or luxury homes in Pakistan are of two types; expensive homes due to large sizes and expensive homes due to very hot locations. Every major housing scheme in…

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100,000 buildings affected by earthquake of October 26, 2015

Pakistan; the land of pure is prone to frequent earthquakes. The 2005 earthquake of magnitude 7.6 killed thousands of Pakistanis in Azad Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The damage to infrastructure and buildings & houses was enormous in 2005. The recent…

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