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Top flooring options

Top flooring options

Flooring is one of the top home finishes that give elegant look to home interior. There are many types of flooring but most common flooring are wood, marble, carpet and ceramic flooring. The decision to select specific type of flooring solely depends on one’s choice and budget. Each floor finish has advantages and disadvantages. Here is the detail of top flooring options;

Wood flooring

Flooring which is made of timber/wood is known as wood flooring. Wood flooring can be found in different hues, styles, cuttings and species. Wood flooring has natural look and nearly lasts for a life time. Wood flooring is easy to install and is very comfortable for babies to play on it. Wood flooring has disadvantages like high maintenance costs as you need to polish it after every 3-4 years. Wood flooring is also prone to termites.

Marble flooring

Flooring which is made of stone/marble is known as marble flooring. In Pakistan we can find local and imported marble. Marble is available in different sizes, colors and textures. Marble flooring gives the natural look and is heat resistant. The disadvantage of marble flooring is that it gets dull with time and needs periodic maintenance; polishing.

Carpet flooring

When floor is covered by tufted fabric, it’s called as carpet flooring. In Pakistan we can find both local and imported carpets for flooring. There is wide range of carpets from size to color. Carpet flooring has cozy feeling and is good for room interior. Carpet flooring has high insulation and is comfortable for kids. The disadvantage of carpet flooring is that it’s hard to clean it. Carpets also absorb dust and can cause health issues like asthma.

Ceramic flooring

Flooring which is made of ceramic tiles is known as ceramic flooring. Ceramic tiles have wide range of sizes, colors and textures. Ceramic tiles have lot of price variation too. Ceramic tiles have low maintenance cost and are easy to install/fix. But ceramic flooring gives artificial look due to uniform pattern. The other disadvantage of ceramic flooring is that broken tiles cannot be repaired as they can be only replaced.

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  1. nawan Ali

    on   said 

    Marble is best flooring as its less slipry than tile flooring. Marble flooring in good for kids and old people.


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