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Redevelopment of Wahdat Colony Lahore

Redevelopment of Wahdat Colony Lahore

The government of Punjab has recently announced to redevelop WAHDAT COLONY Lahore. Wahdat Colony was developed as low rise housing development in 1970’s. The latest decision by the government of Punjab is to better utilize the central Lahore land. Lahore has limited and very expensive land due to high population growth. According to Lahore population is increasing by .6 million per year and we need 1 lac new housing units annually in Lahore. Once we were able to expand Lahore is all directions. But now Lahore Ring Road has defined the city limits as prime Lahore is within Ring Road. Due to land limitation it is very necessary to properly use land in Lahore and government of Punjab is taking the right steps.

Original Development of Wahdat Colony Lahore

Wahdat Colony Lahore was developed in 1970’s on 2032 Kanal of Government Land. The development provides housing to approximately 1800 families of Government Employees of Scale 17 and below. Most of the houses are single story. Wahdat Colony is a low density residential area that lacks modern amenities, which are necessary for modern lifestyle.

New Development of Wahdat Colony Lahore

The Punjab Government has decided to demolish Wahdat Colony and to redevelop it. The new development is planned to provide high rise modern apartments, bachelor hostels, commercial markets, shopping centers, parking plazas, grounds, parks, hospitals and Cinema. The aim of the government is to provide better living facilities and proper utilization of land.

Wahdat Colony Lahore redevelopment is need of the hour

The redevelopment of Wahdat Colony is the need of hour. Land limitation is causing many problems in Lahore. It’s hard to provide housing to provincial employees. Middle-class people are unable to buy houses in Lahore due to sky-high property prices. We urgently need affordable apartment projects in Lahore to solve the housing shortage for both government employees and general public.

Government should also start redevelopment projects on private areas of Lahore

Lahore has many unplanned residential areas. These housing schemes or residential areas are just packed with slum dwellings. Narrow roads and unhygienic living conditions are causing severe health problems. The government of Punjab should buy these areas from general public and should develop modern apartments and other amenities like parks, commercial centers, schools & hospitals.


Redevelopment of Wahdat Colony Lahore is indeed a great project in history of Lahore that will reshape the way we will live in future. But what we need is to expand this project in all parts of Lahore and Punjab so that general public can benefit on larger scale. Redevelopment of unplanned & slum areas will definitely provide the better living for people.

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  1. Mushtaq hamid

    on   said 

    Wahdat colony pehle main city we bahar the. Lakin an main city main he. Jab bane the USS waqat single ya double storey development theek the. Ab apartment banana waqat me zaroorat ha.

    Agree with writer that its the need of hour. Well done Punjab Government.

    • Mushtaq hamid
      Wahdat colony project is the pilot project. it will change Lahore for better as high rise apartments what we need in high density city Lahore. Dow to high population and limited land we need to better utilize land and need high rise buildings.


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