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Orange Line Metro Train Lahore

Overview of Orange Line Metro Train Lahore

Orange Line Metro train is the under construction project in Lahore by the government of Punjab with Chinese assistance. Orange Line Metro Train is the new chapter by Punjab Government to provide efficient public transportation for provincial capital Lahore. After the great success of Lahore Metro Bus Service from Shahdra to Gajjumatta, Punjab government is now constructing Orange Line Metro Train from Ali Town near Thokar Niaz Baig to Quaid E Azam Interchange on Lahore Ring Road Northern Part.

The development work on Orange Line Metro Train started in 2014 and completion date is fall 2017. The total cost of the project is $1.6 billion. Total length of the Metro Train Route is 27.1 kilometers of which 25.4 kilometers will be elevated and 1.7 kilometers will be underground. According to initial estimates 2.5 lac people will benefit from Metro Train every day, but capacity will be increased to 5 lac people per day by 2025.

Master Plan of Lahore Metro Services

Punjab Government has planned 4 metro services in Lahore as; Green Line, Orange Line, Blue Line and Purple Line. Green Line is complete, Orange Line is under construction and Blue & Purple Lines will be constructed in futures. Green Line starts from Shahdra Terminal and ends at Gajjumatta. Orange Line starts from Ali Town and ends at Dera Gujran. Blue Line will start from Cahaburji and will end at Eden Avenue. Purple Line will start from Ghazi Road and will end at Data Durbar Complex.

Lahore Metro Services Master Plan Map

Master Plan of Lahore Metro

Lahore Metro Services Stations Details

Lahore Metro services chart

Criticism of Orange Line Metro Train Lahore

Many people have raised their voices against Orange Line Metro Train Project. Firstly, Orange Line Metro train is an expensive project as cheaper transportation options in form of buses were available. Secondly, many buildings, houses and neighborhoods have been demolished. Thirdly, dust and pollution is causing many diseases according heath experts. Fourthly, Schools and hospitals should be built rather than Orange Line Metro Train. There is a long list of critics of Orange Line Metro Train from politicians to general public.

Advantages of Orange Line Metro Train Lahore

A comfortable and efficient public transportation system

Lahore is one of the top 10 Mega Cities in the world with population more than 15 million. Almost every Mega City in the world has comfortable and efficient public transportation system. Orange Line Metro train will provide affordable, comfortable and efficient public transportation for Students, doctors, engineers, professionals, laborers and general public.

It will solve parking and traffic problems in Lahore

According to City42, total number of registered vehicles in Lahore has reached 5 million. The biggest problem in Lahore is the parking and traffic problems. There is no place to park cars in offices, hospitals, shopping centers and general public see hours long traffic jams in Lahore. Orange Line Metro Train will solve both problems of traffic jams and parking deficiency in Lahore.

A great move to Build Lahore as Green City

When world is planning to develop green cities, then why not Lahore. High traffic on road is causing high temperature and high pollution. This high traffic is causing many diseases. Orange Line Metro Train is a right step towards building Lahore as Green City. Orange Line Metro train will definitely reduce the emission of co2, which will ultimately result in low temperature, low pollution level and greener atmosphere.

It will save valuable land in Lahore

Lahore is the only city in Pakistan that cannot be expanded on either side. Lahore is land locked on one side by Indian Border and River Ravi on other side. Lahore has limited land and we need to utilize it in better way. Orange Line Metro Train track, which is either elevated or underground, will save lot of land in Lahore for the other projects.

An energizer for Lahore Real Estate Sector

Lahore real estate sector is stagnant at the moment. But according to the real estate experts, Lahore Real Estate Sector will see a crash due to recently imposed tax on properties. In such a scenario, we need to stabilize real estate sector of Lahore and Orange Line Metro train will do this task. Completion of the Northern Part of Lahore Ring Road and Metro Bus had boosted the real estate sector in Lahore as people invested in the areas near to these routes and real estate sector of Lahore saw a boom. Similarly, now people will start investing in the areas near to Orange Line Metro Train route. This will result in high real estate activities and will boost Lahore real estate sector. In short, Orange Line Metro train will prove to be an energizer for Lahore Property Market.


Orange Line Metro train has many pros and cons, but advantages are higher than the disadvantages. Yes schools, colleges, hospitals and other public works are equally important, but this does not mean that Orange Line Metro Train Project should be stopped as Lahore desperately needs this mega project. On demolishing buildings, we should study the recent development of Shanghai and Beijing. In 1985 both cities were fully developed but were low rise. In the last 30 years China has demolished most of Shanghai and Beijing to build high rise buildings. In short, Orange Line Metro Train is a great achievement for Lahore, Punjab and Pakistan. Orange Line Metro Train Project will shape the public transportation system in Pakistan.

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    This is stunning project and is the need of the hour. Unfortunately it was planned in hurry and is delayed due to safety of historic buildings. Hope it will be functional soon.


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