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Greater Iqbal Park Lahore

Greater Iqbal Park Lahore

Minto Park was the British Raj period park in Lahore, located adjacent to Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque. All India Muslim League gathered in Minto Park on 23rd of March 1940 and passed the famous ‘Pakistan Resolution’ which is called the basis of the creation of Pakistan. After the Independence of Pakistan, the park’s name was changed to Iqbal Park, in honor of great poet and Spiritual Father of Pakistan, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Later, Minar-E-Pakistan was erected in Iqbal Park to commemorate Pakistan Resolution.

Government’s Plan to redevelop Iqbal Park and surrounding areas

Lahore Fort and the surrounding areas are the oldest parts of Lahore city but are very congested and have traffic problems. To solve these issues and to modernize these areas, government first developed the Azadi Chowk Flyover. In second phase the government has developed Iqbal Park and surrounded areas to provide parking and recreational facilities for the general public.

Greater Iqbal Park

Iqbal Park is a large green space in Lahore that has Minar-E-Pakistan. Adjacent to Iqbal Park was Atique Stadium. Iqbal Park was separated by road from Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort. The government first removed the road between Iqbal Park and Fort Area. In second Phase government has enlarged the Iqbal Park by demolishing and incorporating Atique Stadium. Badshahi Masjid and Lahore Fort are also now part of Iqbal Park. The area within the circular road is now the Greater Iqbal Park.

Salient features of Greater Iqbal Park Lahore

Statues of Quaid-E-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Fatima Jinnah and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Renovation and preservation of Minar-E-Pakistan

Thematic food courts depicting cultures and heritages of all provinces of Pakistan

Heritage museum to highlight history of Pakistan Movement

Elaborate walkways, gardens, pavements, dancing fountains and a Baradari

As this park is near the historic Mughal Buildings, pavements & fountains are laid out in Mughal Architecture style geometric patterns to have resemblance with the historic buildings

The government should build more parks in Lahore for recreational facilities

This project is indeed a great relief for the citizens as it has provided the much needed parking and recreational facilities. Due to the fast population growth and developments, land is vanishing in Lahore. The government should patronize more park projects in different residential areas of Lahore as these projects provide recreational facilities and create jobs & revenue.

Walled City Lahore Developments

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    • Nasreen baloch
      this project has provided the green open space for general public and also has solved the parking problem is this area. now tourists can park their vehicles without trouble.
      greater iqbal park and azadi flyover has changed the entry point of Lahore.


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