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Punjab Safe City Project

Punjab Safe City Project

Punjab Safe City Project was recently inaugurated by Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif. The aim of this project is to develop Punjab as a crime free area. In the first stage, surveillance cameras have been installed in Lahore. Dedicated staff is monitoring these cameras and will take quick actions against crimes. In the second phase, this project will be introduced to other cities of Punjab.

Target of Punjab Safe City Project


Enhanced monitoring of public places, better utilization of police resources and improved command & control infrastructure.

Secure police communication

Dedicated LTE/4G network for secure communication through UAVs and mobile command and control centers.

Safe city project to be implemented in 6 cities of Punjab by 2017

The safe city project will be expanded to Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan, Rawalpindi and Sargodha.

Crime reduction

20% reduction of crimes such as rioting, destruction of property, 28-30% reduction in vehicular crimes, 15-20% reduction in burglary, robbery and street crimes in first 5 years of operation.

Monitoring law and order

Police respondents will be available for real time monitoring of processions and law & order situations.

Traffic management

Public will be informed of traffic density and alternate routes through variable messaging system and broadcast – minimizing journey times and stops at traffic signals.

Electronic evidence collection

Increased public satisfaction levels through real time comparison of suspected persons with criminal and other allied departmental databases.

10,000 cameras installed in Lahore

Comprehensive coverage of public institutions, key infrastructures, public roads, prime hotspots and public places.

Benefits of Punjab Safe City project

Punjab safe city project has many advantages. First advantage is the improved law and order situation. Second advantage is the security of public places. Third advantage is that traffic problems will be reduced. Fourth advantage is that businesses will flourish. Punjab Safe City Project will help to improve the quality of life in Punjab.

Effects of safe city project on real estate sector

Real estate sector always flourishes with better law and order situation. People always want to live in places that offer high security and peaceful atmosphere. Punjab safe city project will prove to be energizer for the real estate sector of Lahore and Punjab. We will see more real estate transactions due to better law and order situation in future as more people will move to Lahore and Punjab. This already happened from 2000 to 2015, when people moved to Lahore from Karachi due to law and order situation.

Greater Iqbal Park Lahore
Orange Line Metro Train Lahore

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  1. Onlinestar

    on   said 

    I think this will be a great change for the suviellence of our community.
    But unfortunately it’s quite painful that people like to enjoy progress but always speak against NS nd SS…totally unfair


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