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GWADAR is world’s #1 investment hotspot

GWADAR is world’s #1 investment hotspot

Pakistan is the nation of 200 million people. Pakistan has many problems of its own but we Pakistanis should also remember that Pakistan is one of the most blessed nations on the earth. Pakistan is the nation blessed with everything which was possessed by great empires in history. Pakistan has four seasons, agricultural land, fruit orchards, mountains, mineral resources, forests, coal reserves, ample sunlight, young population, manpower and large coastal area. Now natural resources of Pakistan are helping to overcome our problem like GWADAR.

GWADAR to transform Pakistan’s economy from developing to developed

Pakistan was facing hard times since last two decades but now we have seen ray of hope in form of Gwadar. Gwadar is the city with great potential. Gwadar is bound to transform Pakistan from third world economy to world economic power house. Gwadar has already attracted huge investments. China has invested $46 billion for Gwadar Port, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and other infrastructure projects. Many other countries are willing to invest in Gwadar. Gwadar will start Pakistani Industrial Revolution; MADE IN PAKISTAN. Gwadar will create millions of jobs that will reduce poverty in Pakistan.

GWADAR real estate sector is world’s top investment hotspot

Pakistan reality sector is stagnant as real estate activities have stalled. Property prices are falling in all major urban areas of Pakistan. But on the other hand, Gwadar real estate sector is performing great. Property prices have increased by 500% since last year. People are flocking to Gwadar to secure prime properties. Gwadar is attracting huge real estate investments as prices are extremely low and profit margins are very high.

Gwadar real estate is beacon of light for disappointed property investors

Due to falling property prices in Pakistan, investors are worried. Investors are trying hard to sell properties to invest in foreign countries. But there are many seasoned investors who are investing in Gwadar. There are two types of investors;

Inexperienced Pakistani investors with just local experiences

Inexperienced investors have low experiences and make their decision on famous trends. They cannot foresee the future trends. These investors in current situation want to invest in foreign countries. Ultimately they will again sustain huge losses as economic meltdown of Europe & Middle East will not provide good returns.

Seasoned Pakistani investors with worldwide experiences

Seasoned investors are those who have experiences of many countries. They know that there is no reality market in the world that has returned more profits than Pakistani reality sector. Seasoned investors are investing in Gwadar as they know that this is the market that will return huge profits.

Investors are warned that invest in GWADAR only if you have holding power

I remember the times (2003-2005) when everyone wanted to buy property in Gwadar. Huge investment in Gwadar properties created a bubble. But, due to various reasons, when people withdrew their investments, Gwadar property bubble busted. So, you are warned in advance that Gwadar real estate sector will return more profits than you can dream, but investments will mature with time. Era of overnight profits has come to an end in Pakistan. People who invest now will get great rewards by 2025, so invest only if you have holding power and patience. Investors are also warned to check NOC of commercial / residential projects before buying properties as many NOCs have been suspended by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA).

Jamal City Gwadar
Al Ghani Housing Scheme Gwadar
FTBA Gwadar
Green Palms Gwadar

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  1. Waqas

    on   said 

    We are offering lots of excellent opportunities to invest in Gwadar. Inshallah Gwadar is the new rising star of Pakistan.
    Sangar Housing Scheme (Residential/Commercial) Plots, available in all phases 600 sq yards, 1000 sq yards available.Most outstanding locations sea facing next to PC hotel Gwadar.
    New Town is the another excellent location in Gwadar. This is the time to decide your future once its price increases not many people will strength to invest in. For further information kindly feel free to contact
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  2. CPEC is going with full momentum and day by day it is going to reap its outcome, there was a time when we use to envisage such great moments But now they are happening in front of us.
    CPEC in the easy word is another name of European Union type of Block, and all those countries repelled by the European Union like Russia and Turkey and eyeing here in the recent development in Gwadar.
    Inshallah a Day will also come when we start living in Gwadar when we use to see thousands of thousands of Trade Caravan going to its destiny via Gwadar. And we will take it as daily routine work.
    Inshallah …A Sun will Set for Us in Gwadar
    Muhammad Adnan Zia


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