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Benefits of living in a home

Benefits of living in a home

The choice of living in an apartment or a house solely depends on one’s requirements and financial circumstances. Both houses and apartments are good for living with certain advantages. Here we discuss the advantages of homes over flats.

Homes have higher re-sale value and are better choice for investment

One of the major benefits of houses over flats is the re-sale value. Many people buy property with the vision to sale it later in life. Houses have better re-sale value due to the land. Land is the biggest commodity in cities and gets expensive with population increase. Due to higher land value, houses are also best option for property investment. In long term investment, houses return higher profits than flats.

Houses offer more freedom of repairs or alterations

Independent house offers more freedom of renovations, alterations and repairs. Whereas in flat, alterations, repairs and additions are subject to the structure of apartment building and willingness of all flats owners. Most apartment buildings have no option for additions due to design and structural constraints. But on the other hand, owners of houses can add new storey / room in their houses.

Houses offer more privacy

Independent houses have more privacy than the flats or apartments. In apartment building, common spaces like lobby and roof tops are shared by the residents of all flats. In case of houses, only family members share different spaces without the interference of other families. In houses whether its lobby, garden or roof top, there is no interference from outside or other residents of nearby areas.

Houses offer more space and parking facility

One of the advantages of houses is that they offer extra parking facility and storage space. Normally flats have limited parking and storage spaces. Even where extra parking space and storage facility is provided in apartments, prices are unaffordable. But in houses, parking and storage spaces can be created according to the will of owner.

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