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The rise of flats construction in Gulberg Lahore

The rise of flats construction in Gulberg Lahore

Gulberg is the central business district of Lahore. Gulberg is centrally located and can be easily accessed from different parts of Lahore. Gulberg was developed as modern housing scheme in Lahore with wide roads, green belts, parks and commercial centers. But fast commercialization of 1990’s totally changed it. This was the time when people started moving out to peaceful residential areas like DHA as their privacy was compromised. In 2010, Gulberg Lahore was the major commercial hug of Lahore.

Many experts never liked this change as according to them, housing is also the need of central business districts. But now things are once again moving forward with better developments as we can see many apartment projects in Gulberg Lahore. This is bringing the much sought after harmony as we can see commercial as well as residential developments in Gulberg Lahore. Instead of large houses, now we can see modern flats in Gulberg. Due to the fast population growth and limited land area, apartment buildings are the best solution to provide modern living in Gulberg. Flats in Gulberg have heralded the apartment construction in Lahore as was we can see many flats projects in different part of Lahore.

Gulberg Lahore is one of the most expensive areas of Pakistan due to central location and limited land. The flats prices are from Rs. 16,000/- to Rs. 21,000/- per square foot. If we compare these prices to the apartments in Central London, Hong Kong or Central Park Manhattan USA, we can see that flats in Gulberg Lahore are highly affordable. Due to the central location and land availability issues, there will be 5-7 times price increase by 2025. This is the best time to book apartments in Gulberg. These apartment projects in Gulberg offer the luxurious living and are at just walking distance from offices, commercial centers, restaurants, schools, colleges, parks and top transportation links.

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    • Mir Mohammad Ali Khan
      yes gulberg is centrally located in Lahore and had land limitation and also pressure of commercialization
      the flats construction in gulberg Lahore will start flats construction in other parts of Lahore too

  1. Nazish fatima

    on   said 

    faziakarachi have launched their new project and double story 275 sq/yard cost RS 124 lakh. Payment plan 5 years.

    I will request kinly request advice me should I buy. I have asked one estate agent and he advise me the price is high and not to invest.

    As from your blog I have know market will come down if black money should cracking down

    I have also read in express news paper that govt is issuing NTN to all those who have deducted with holding taxes as well as buy property having facility amnesty scheme

    Kindly give me your precious advice

    • Nazish Fatima
      It true if crack down happened on black money prices will be down
      Prices are normal now and still you have to pay in 5 years installments
      What will be the value of 1 CRORE After 5 years. Like 50% currency decline
      For people who are looking for some good society to live in Karachi, Fazaia Bungalows are good options

      But buy on installments not on cash

      • ZAHID ALI

        on   said 

        I don’t agree with your (ghar47) comment.
        The value of 1 Crore Rupee will be different after 5 years based upon where u invest.
        Option 1
        If somebody invest 1 crore rupees in bank then as per current interest rate, it will be approximately 1 Crore and 35 lac, and may be more if interest rate increased during upcoming years.
        Option 2
        If somebody invest 1 crore in real estate in already populated area, then s/he can get approximately 4% rent per annum, and investment value will be approximately 1 crore and 20 lac plus price increase (if happen) in the property what u purchased in populated area.
        Option 3
        If somebody invest in fazaia then there are very little chance that the value will increase in the next five years.
        So my point of view, investment for the next five years in non populated area have least benefit. Keep in mind I am talking about next five years, not next 10.20 years.
        So, Nazish Fatima, best option is option 2, provided you have capability to deal with tenant. Otherwise go for option 1. If you are going for option 1, then after 5 (or 6) years, switch over to real estate.
        This is my analysis, and I may be completely wrong

        • Saqib

          on   said 

          “I may not agree with you” or “I have a different or opposite view than what you have” is more suited. Politeness in speech is somewhat a reflection of a healthy heart.

  2. muhammad azeem uddin

    on   said 

    however I think of we expect a huge price reduction in coming months then I think we will have forget it. because population is become very high in Pakistan. still people are happy to born at least five children. as well as their is very wide gap between increase of population and construction of houses.

    and everybody need time similarly due to high taxes and devalue PKR the construction material prices will high. and these prices will pass on to consumer.

    now the picture I am seeing their is NO HOPE FOR MIDDLE CLASS to manage their life having a HOME.

    the only way i am seeing BY VIRTUE ALLAH. ALLAH KI REHMAT. unless their is 0% HOPE from government to resolve HOUSE PROBLEM.


    I PRAY TO ALLAH my analysis is become wrong.. wrong.. and people get cheaper PRICES HOUSE.. BECAUSE IT NEED FOR EVERY FAMILY.


    • Muhammad Azeen Uddin
      Well said
      Its true that middle class cannot buy home now and only can hardly afford rents
      FOR MIDDLE CLASS things will only improve if there is complete crack down on black money


      on   said 

      Population is a problem, but price hike in real estate is not due to actual supply and demand. This is only due to speculation (satta).
      If price hike is due to demand and supply then why price is not increasing now, when the demand is still the same as it was before June 2016.
      Now if the current price is maintained (not increased) for next 7,8 years, then after 7,8 this price may seems affordable.

      • ZAHID ALI
        Stunning reply
        SATTA is the real problem
        As black money is out from real estate sector you just see the price trends
        Many projects in Lahore are in minus or have low price now than originally launched

        No buyer in the market

  3. muhammad azeem uddin

    on   said 

    where is the concern of the budget 2017-18 expected new taxes 6 B USD. it means this burden should transfer to importers so all imported product price will high.Local manufacturer so Pakistani goods will expensive.And all these pass on to consumer. NOW THEIR IS NO DOUBTS WHO WILL SUFFER.

  4. Azhar Ehsan

    on   said 

    Nice blog bahi zara yeh batoo market ko kia hoa ha. Mera plot Dha Lahore main ha. 4 months main 2 calls our woh bhee just information lete hain bas.
    Dealer kehte hain political halat theek hoon ge tu market sahee ho ge.
    Please tell me.

    • Azhar Ehsan
      Prices are stagnant due to 2 reasons
      1- Political chaos
      2- High taxes on sale and purchase of properties

      Dealers have even no hope in Budget 2016-17.

      Dealers are just living on rent deals and many have closed their agencies due to low volume transactions. Its look like that property amnesty scheme has failed like previous amnesty schemes.

  5. Shabnam D

    on   said 

    Lahore 10 saloon tak Hong Kong gaisa ho ga. Lahore main development bahoot fast hoyee ha. Peecle 15 saloon main Lahore ka naqsha he badal gaya ha. Lahore bahoot expand ho gaya ha.

    • Shabnam D
      Lahore – Hong Kong
      Yes, now after the completion of Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop, land will be very limited in main Lahore / within Ring Road. This will start high rise construction i Lahore. The change is underway already. This is why for first time we can see apartment construction i many areas of Lahore.

  6. Jania Ali

    on   said 

    I am in London Paddington area. Prices are like hell in central London. If you move away from center prices are more affordable. But in central London its just for celebrities footballers.
    Dadu and Nanu lives in Lahore been to Gulberg its beautiful. The prices you just mentioned and facilities look like its rather cheaper.
    Same problem here in London. Government is demolishing houses to build flats as no Land in fully packed London the central area especially.

    • Jania Ali
      I have gora friends in London who have lived most of their life in central London, but now are moving out. Reason is the high property prices. According to them, central London was once a upper middle class area but with the passage of time its now for only millionaires.
      Same is true with Gulberg Lahore.
      But prices are much reasonable than other business districts around the globe.
      Lahore is fast changing. Here government is also demolishing old areas and building flats; Wahdat Colony Redevelopment.


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