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Selling old home faster

Selling old home faster

At some stage in our life we do need to sell our home either for up-sizing, downsizing or moving to some better place. We all want our home to sell faster. It’s easy task if we properly prepare our house for sale. Here are the few tips that can help in selling old home faster.

Inspection of home

The first task is to inspect the current condition of home. The thorough inspection will give us the idea where we need improvements. We should thoroughly inspect the structure, interiors and exteriors before doing any improvement. This way we can also estimate the cost and time of preparing home for sale.

Repair and renovation

House that does not sell quickly is the one that has weak structure or has structural issues as no one wants to buy a house with structural problems. Therefore firstly we need to fix the structural issues. Window, door and roof joints should be thoroughly checked and repaired. One thing more, house should have no damp issues.

Interiors and exteriors

After we have repaired the structure of home we should now focus on interiors and exteriors. Old houses have old fixtures and finishes that should be upgraded for quick sale. The next step is the paint work. We should paint both interior and exterior of house for fresh look. People have different color choices but everyone likes light colors. Therefore interior and exterior paint colors should be in lighter tones.

Outdoor & indoor plants

If home has a garden or outdoor green belt, it should be properly maintained as it will give the first impression of home. Small plants are always refreshing and enhance the beauty. We can use small beautiful plants for interior decoration too, but plants should be properly maintained and trimmed.

High quality photographs

This is the age of e-commerce and social media. We do advertise our product online and also share on social media. Therefore it’s very important to take high quality photographs. Good quality photographs always enhance the chance of sale as people are always attracted to beautiful high quality pictures.

Realistic price tag

Every area has price range from minimum to maximum. This is why we always need to be very realistic about setting the asking price. 10% bargain margin is a good idea but asking too much is always negative. We should keep in mind that if price is too high, property will sit on the market for months.

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  1. Salma Mehnaz

    on   said 

    What is happening in Gwadar?
    Property rise is genuine or just another bubble which will just like that of 2005?

    • Salma Mehnaz

      Gwadar real estate boom is genuine as property market in Karachi,Lahore and Islamabad is cooling due to political instability.
      Another reason of Gwadar property boom is the low property prices which are still affordable.

    • Hadid Noor


      Garden Town Rawalpindi


      PAF Fazaia Tarnol Islamabad

      PECHS Islamabad

      Engineers Cooperative Housing Society D-18 Islamabad

      AWT D-18 Islamabad

      Shalimar Town Islamabad

      Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

      Faisal Residencia E-17 Islamabad

      University Town Islamabad

  2. Hasanain Bilal

    on   said 

    Please comment on the real estate market situation. Is it true that Panama Case Decision will impact property prices or market?

    • Hasanain Bilal
      Real estate market is stagnant due to high taxes and political turmoil
      Panama Case Decision will have impact on property prices,either positive or negative
      But nothing can be said before the final decision is announced.

  3. Muhammad Ali

    on   said 

    Good article. Bahoot log old house le kar repair large hain our profit per sale karte hain. The real magic is price control of renovation.


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