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Commercial Real estate Investment

Commercial Real estate Investment
Commercial real estate

A property which is used for business purpose is known as commercial property or commercial real estate. Commercial property includes restaurants, hotels, malls, shopping centers, office buildings, industries, etc. Commercial real estate is generally more expensive than the residential real estate due to the business activities.

Investing in commercial real estate

Commercial real estate investment is best to get good returns as there is always strong demand for commercial spaces especially in mega cities like Karachi and Lahore. Even when property market cools down, commercial properties provide good rental income. But before investing in commercial real estate we should consider the followings:-


Before investing in commercial property, we should know the top locations that increase the value of a commercial property. Best commercial properties are those which are located in the areas that attract large number of visitors, as number of visitors is directly related to the success of business.

Size of property

Size of property is also of great concern as it increases or decreases the rental income and profit. People normally rent small commercial properties as rent is low. You should avoid large size commercial properties as these properties have high rent and chances of finding the suitable client is low.


People always rent properties which have all amenities like uninterrupted supply of electricity, water and gas. In case of brand store, renters want the storage space to store goods. The best commercial property is one which has all amenities including the storage space, as this increases the success rate of business. Commercial properties with all facilities give high returns on investments.

Parking facility

Most people go to offices, restaurants and shopping centers by using own cars. Therefore car parking facility is one of the top priorities for commercial real estate. Commercial properties that have ample parking space always attract large pool of customers. Therefore, commercial properties with ample parking space should be bought to maximize the business activities.

Property investment tips

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  1. musa ali

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    god article. commercial property is normally 10 times more expensive than residential property. commercial properties have high rental yield.


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