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High rise developments in Model Town Lahore

High rise developments in Model Town Lahore

Model Town is one of the best housing developments of the world. Layout of Model Town Lahore is the master piece of planning with central park and easy access to every block. Model Town is indeed the best example of housing development with lot of greenery, parks and recreational areas.

Original development

Model Town Lahore was developed as a housing scheme to have large size farmhouses or villas which are away from congested Walled City Lahore. Original lot size in Model Town Lahore was one acre. Large size villas, green trees and central park are the specialties of Model Town Lahore.

Impact of changing lifestyle

With the passage of time, single family living is preferred rather than the joint family living. This is why we can now see small houses like 6, 4, 3, 2 & 1 Kanal and also 10 & 5 Marla. Small cutting is also in part due to high maintenance costs. This new development is definitely the need of the hour but this is changing the original planning of Model Town.

Time to revise original lot size and start high rise construction

Model Town Lahore was developed away from the city but now it’s situated in city center. Due to the rising population we need to redevelop Model Town Lahore to accommodate more families. Change is already underway in nearby areas like Garden Town and Gulberg where houses are being demolished to build high rise flats. We should start this development pattern in Model Town Lahore. State of the art 4 storey apartments should be developed on the original lot of 1 acre. This will definitely revive the original cutting of Model Town Lahore and at the same time it will accommodate more families.

Model Town is Lahore’s Manhattan with beautiful Central Park. It’s time to go high-rise like Manhattan.

Redevelopment of Wahdat Colony Lahore

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  1. asma khan

    on   said 

    lahore city has changed a lot. population is the biggest pressure. its better to build beautiful flats than ugle 4 storey houses. walled City Lahore style can be seen in other parts too. we have faithfully wasted land in Lahore and no once again are resisting the flats construction in Lahore. we have to change our living habit and shoul embrace flats in Lahore.

    • asma khan
      Its true we should now start flats construction in Lahore. There are flats projects in Lahore but percentage is very low.
      Wahdat Colony Development is good initiative

  2. asadsindhi

    on   said 

    model town lahore is now in mid city and should have high rise flats. due to Lahore Ring Road Lahore choota kar dia. unfortunately now just flats in lahore.

    Love this blog


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