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Karachi Green Line Bus Project

Karachi Green Line Bus Project

Karachi is the second most populated city of the world. Population of Karachi is approximately 27-30 million. Karachi greatly contributes to the national treasury as it is the center of import and export via Port Qasim and Karachi Port. But the transportation facilities in Karachi are not up to the modern requirements. Due to heavy traffic on roads, traffic jams is everyday routine. Karachi needs the modern transportation system in form of metro buses and trains.

In view of these requirements, the Government of Pakistan has started the construction of Karachi Green Line Bus Project. The total length of the route is approximately 26 kilometers. Karachi metro train service will extend from Merewether Tower to Surjani Town Karachi. Karachi Green Line Bus Project has 22 stations.

The construction work on Karachi Green Line Bus service started on 26th of February 2016 and will be completed by end of 2017. Engineering Associates have been contracted as the designers and supervision consultants for Green Line while a Consortium of Ernest & Young, Exponent Engineers and Haider Mota & BNR have been contracted as the Transaction Advisory for Bus Operational Plan. In addition to 22 bus terminals, command and control center will be constructed at the Garden West. Karachi Green Line Bus will benefit approximately 400,000 people on daily basis.

Karachi Green Line Bus Service will provide enormous benefits. The first advantage will be the cheap, comfortable and efficient public transportation for the general public. The second advantage will be the reduction of traffic on the roads which will result in less traffic jams. Third one will be the environmental benefit. Due to Metro Bus there will be low pollution, low temperature and clean air. Green Line Metro Train is the right step towards providing modern transportation facility for the masses and will also help to develop Karachi as Green City.

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  1. Muhammad azeem yddin

    on   said 

    Sir ..

    water is more serious issue than transport in karachi.

    mostly people are buying water Because they don’t have sweet water.

    similarly mostly are using WELL water which have consist high percentage calcium and magnesium even exceed the parameters of WHO. but people have no choice and they are using it on bathing. but they did not know what impact of their health after 10 to 15 years

    I think government have put all amount in resolve WATER rather than distributed the amount on different project like MODEL PARK.GREEN BUSES arc.

    I think FIRST priority WATER and then ELECTRICITY. if this two problem once resolve then focus on next ……

    But it is very bad luck to see that when the LEAFER is in opposition seat they think and say RIGHTLY but when they have seated in CHAIR IN PRIMENISTER their BRAIN is not work.

    in my opinion some one has TAWAIS in the chair of PRIMENISTER that is why Pakistan is going downward year by year…. see current TRADE DEFECIT expected about 29 BILLION USD. can you imagine where the country will stand like this after 5 years. ???

    • asadsindhi
      Definitely Karachi and Lahore are two mega cities and need modern infrastructure in form of metro buses and trains. Hope Green Line Bus in Karachi will be right step.


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