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Bedian Road Lahore Expansion

Bedian Road Lahore Expansion
Bedian Road Lahore

Bedian Road is located in Cantonment area and runs from R.A. Bazar to B.R.B Canal Lahore. On one side of Bedian Road is Lahore Cantonment and on the other side is Walton Cantonment. Bedian Road is one of the few roads in Lahore which are narrow and should be expanded to ease the traffic problems.

Expansion of Bedian Road Lahore

The government of Punjab has finally started the much sought after project, the widening of Bedian Road Lahore. Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has directed the LDA to prepare PC-1 of the project. 750 Kanal of land will be acquired for the expansion. Total cost of the project is PKR 4 Billion and will be completed in just 1 year. PKR 2 Billion will be used to acquire the land for expansion of Bedian Road Lahore.

Benefits of Bedian Road Lahore Expansion

Due to narrow road, traffic jams is the daily routine. Expansion of Bedian Road Lahore will solve the traffic problems. Second advantage of Bedian Road expansion will be the easy access to numerous housing schemes located on both sides of the road. Third advantage will be the easy approach to Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore from inner city and Gulberg area as government is also planning to connect Gulberg and cantonment area via underpass.

Impact of Bedian Road Expansion on property prices

Many societies are located on or near to Bedian Road Lahore like DHA Phase 5, 6 & 7, Askari 3, Askari 11, Nadirabad, Ali View Garden, Elite Villas, Spring Meadows and Pace Woodland. These societies will get easy approach. This will have positive impact on the property prices. It’s expected that property prices will increase by approximately 15-20% after the completion of the project. This price rise is huge as the property market in stagnant.

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  1. Nazish fatima

    on   said 

    Sir I would like to know that DHA karachi just announce plots. Kindly tell me that are the prices are reasonable?

    I am interested to buy 124 sq/yard which cost me about 3.8 million.

    Many of my relative told me that this is not a fair price and not good for investment. Because it is very far from Karachi and not easy to liveable even upcoming 5 years.

    • Nazish Fatima
      Its true that location is far away from city and it will take time before this society is livable
      Karachi will expanding and this area will be good by 2025 if you can invest so far.
      Just buy FAZAIA BUNGALOWS on 5 years installments.
      Fazaia Bungalows are the best investment in Karachi so far.

  2. yahya furqan

    on   said 

    this project has seen many delays due to funds. lucky are those who are living in nearby areas as property prices wil rise. traffic is hell on Bhatta Chowk.

    • sobia munir

      on   said 

      some news that Bhatta Chowk will be developed like Kalma Chowk with an underpass and flyover. they say Bhatta Chowk will be the center of Lahore in future. there was news on skyscrapercity to connect cantt area to Gulberg via underpass from ra bazar side to gurumangat road?

      • sobia munir
        Yes its true
        According to plans, Bhatta Chowk is important square in Lahore connecting many roads and regions.
        Bhatta Chowk will have flyover and underpass too and Ghazi Road and Bedian road will have metro too in future.
        Government has planned underpass to connect Lahore Cantonment to Gulberg Lahore, hope construction will stat too.
        This will be the single 20 kilometer long road from B.R.B. Canal to Liberty Market Lahore.

    • yahya furqan
      Yes this project as part of Lahore Ring Road as government decided to expand all roads connecting Ring Road but was postponed in 2010.
      Definately prices will rise in this area and this will be one of the very expensive areas of Lahore.


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