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Gwadar property market is cooling down

Gwadar property market is cooling down

Gwadar is the coastal city of Pakistan located in the province Balochistan. Gwadar has come to prominence due to its deep water sea port called as Gwadar Port. China wants to use this port for import and export of goods. China has heavily invested in Gwadar Port and other infrastructure projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Gwadar real estate boom

First CPEC shipment was launched from Gwadar Port on 13th November 2016. Since then property activities have increased in Gwadar. Gwadar property prices have doubled in just 4-5 months. This is due to the massive influx of capital from investors and property dealers. People are flocking to Gwadar to secure hot properties and land to get high profits in the near future. Massive investment has resulted in high property prices in Gwadar. Average 1125 square feet plot price in Gwadar before shipment was PKR 400,000 but now it is PKR 800,000.

Now Gwadar property market is cooling down

Heavy investment in Gwadar real estate sector has created a bubble similar to that of 2003-2005 and results are same. Investors and property dealers are returning from Gwadar as once again property bubble is bursting. There are many reasons of this meltdown. First major reason is that many societies or new projects have no NOC’s or approval as these projects have no on ground land. Second reason is the development work in Gwadar. Gwadar has no infrastructure at all and it will take at least 10 years to develop airport, railway network and other infrastructure developments. Third reason is the frauds & property scams in Gwadar. Many societies and projects have no NOC’s. It’s highly recommended to stay away from risky investments. If you want to buy property in Gwadar, you should get complete details of society from GDA; Gwadar Development Authority.

New projects in Gwadar

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      I have met with many developers and estate agents who have told me that market has over supply
      Hundred of projects in Gwadar like 1 LAC properties available for sale
      Buyers have already bought properties
      People are always for quick profits
      Many people cannot pay installments
      Now people are desperate to sell properties even at minimum rates

      Developers are coming back from Gwadar empty handed and are waiting for the right time to jump the ship again.
      Biggest problem in Gwadar is the infrastructure developments.

  1. Muhammad azeem yddin

    on   said 


    you rightly said it will take 10 to 15 years.

    but I am not optimistic because once you don’t have money in your own pocket and depends on others money it means you are not sure.

    see the world scenario.. at gawadar their is no WATER..NO ELECTRICITY.. and we are expecting to see TV advertisement GAWADAR SABZI MANDI..

    what’s fool.. we are unable to export from Karachi and lahore.

    such a small export and high import Pakistan can not progressive country as we see in TV.

    this is not REALITY.. we must open out eyes to see world. just SLOWGUN and explaining FUTURE PLANS NATION never become RICH.


    otherwise their is no way… YOU MUST HAVE DEPEND YOUR OWN SHOULDER.

    • Muhammad azeem yddin
      Yes Gwadar will be world famous city and desire of people to live in
      But it will not be live-able before 2025 at-least.
      Gwadar is good for property investment but investments will mature only after the provision of general infrastructure which will take some time.
      Its sure that within a decade Gwadar will over shadow Dubai.

  2. Muhammad azeem yddin

    on   said 

    nicely brief about gawadar. property scams are become very high level.still picture are not clear either CEPEC will be successful ? it will clear when new government will come 2018

    • Muhammad Azeem Yddin
      There is lot of confusion especially property scams are very high as very few housing societies have the valid NOC’s
      other reason
      The time frame of developments in Gwadar
      Gwadar will take at least 10-15 years, when all infrastructure like roads, trains, airport will be ready. People have invested blindly and heavily and want quick return this is why property market is cooling down


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