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Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Controversy

Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Controversy
Orange Line Metro Train Lahore

Due to increasing traffic jams and high pollution level in Lahore, government of Punjab has started the construction of Orange Line Metro Train Lahore. Route of Orange Line is from Thokar Niaz Baig to Quaid E Azam Interchange. Total length of the Metro Train Route is 27.1 kilometers of which 25.4 kilometers will be elevated and 1.7 kilometers will be underground. According to initial estimates 250,000 people will benefit from Metro Train every day, but capacity will be increased to 500,000 people per day by 2025.

Petitions and court orders about Orange Line project

The development work on Orange Line Metro Train started in 2014 and completion date was fall 2017. But work has been stopped by the court as Orange Line is close to 11 historic buildings in Lahore. Civil society filed the petition to halt the construction work as metro train will damage the historic sites. According to the international law, no construction is allowed within 200 feet from heritage sites. On 3rd April 2017, judges have made it clear that no development can destroy our heritage. Now contractors have to change the designs on 11 historic sites to complete the project.

Lahore Metro Train project is the need of the hour

Lahore is one of the fastest growing cities of the world and desperately needs the modern infrastructure. Due to massive traffic jams and increasing pollution level in Lahore, it’s mandatory now to provide efficient and comfortable public transportation system in Lahore in form of Metro buses and trains. But it’s also important to save the history of our city which is developed in form of buildings. This project will prove to be hard exercise which will give us experience to plan and construct the mega projects without damaging our heritage.

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  1. yahya furqan

    on   said 

    orange line train Lahore is good work by Punjab Government but due to election stunt planning time was less. hope after this project engineers will do better job. we desperately need metro tains in Lahore and Karachi.

    • yahya furqan
      Court is right as we need to save our heritage at every cost.
      Yes, there is no mega city without metro system. We definitely need metro transportation and Punjab government is moving in the right direction.


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