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Investment opportunities on Ferozepur Road Lahore

Investment opportunities on Ferozepur Road Lahore

Ferozepur Road is the central road of Lahore. Many land mark buildings, schools, colleges and offices are located on this famous road of Lahore. Ferozepur Road is connected to different roads, including the famous Lahore Ring Road. The famous Metro Bus Lahore route runs across Ferozepur Road from Gajjumatta to Chuburji. Due to the stunning central location in Lahore, we can see many new residential and commercial projects on Ferozepur Road Lahore. Here are the top property investment opportunities on Ferozepur Road Lahore.

Grand Avenues Lahore

Grand Avenues Housing Scheme is the ongoing residential project in Lahore. Grand Avenues Housing Scheme is located on Main Ferozepur Road Lahore at just 20 minutes drive from Kalma Flyover. Grand Avenues Housing Scheme is offering 5, 10 & 20 Marla Residential Plots and 4 Marla Commercial Plots for sale. Plots in Grand Avenues Housing Scheme can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments of 3 years.

Model Housing Lahore

MODEL HOUSING SCHEME FEROZEPUR ROAD is the new residential project in Lahore by Model Housing Pvt. Ltd. MODEL HOUSING is located on Ferozepur Road Lahore near Central Park Housing Scheme. MODEL HOUSING SCHEME FEROZEPUR ROAD is offering residential plots of 3, 5, 8, 10 & 20 Marla. Residential Plots in MODEL HOUSING SCHEME FEROZEPUR ROAD can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments of 3 years.

Ferozepur City Lahore

FEROZEPUR CITY is the new housing project in Lahore by ENEM Developers. FEROZEPUR CITY is located on Ferozepur Road Lahore. FEROZEPUR CITY has good proximity to Sue-E-Asal, Central Park and Bahria Nasheman. FEROZEPUR CITY is offering 5 Marla Commercial Plots, 5, 10, 20 & 40 Marla Residential Plots, 5 & 8 Marla Houses and 1 & 2 Bedroom Flats. Apartments, Houses, Commercial & Residential Plots in FEROZEPUR CITY can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments of 3 years.

LDA City Lahore

LDA CITY is the ongoing residential project in Lahore LDA; Lahore Development Authority. LDA CITY is located on Main Ferozepur Road Lahore. LDA CITY is offering 5, 10 & 20 Marla Residential Plots. Plots in LDA CITY can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments. LDA CITY is the biggest housing development in history of Lahore as it is planned on 61,000 Kanals of land. LDA CITY is one of the top housing project in Lahore due to state of the art planning, top location and provision of all general amenities. LDA CITY is ideal for living and real estate investment in Lahore.

Vital City Lahore

VITAL CITY FEROZEPUR ROAD is the ongoing residential project in Lahore by Vital Developers. VITAL CITY is located on Ferozepur Road Lahore. VITAL CITY FEROZEPUR ROAD is offering 3, 5 & 10 Marla Residential Plots. Plots in VITAL CITY FEROZEPUR ROAD can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments of 3 years.

New projects in Lahore

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  1. Kamran

    on   said 

    I bought 2 plots on installments in unapproved HS name AL HAMRA CITY HOUSING SOCIETY located at near ibraheem mosque …but i’ve not money to pay installment society sent me a legal notices and said i cancelled your plots ..can i have a right to sue agianst the unapproved HS ??? Plzz give suggestion according to law

    • Kamran
      1- Against illegal society you can pursue case but at first stage you should collect your money/installments. The legal process is that by Punjab government rule society will deduct some money and then rest the balance. First collect your money.
      2- To sue them, just contact your lawyer.

  2. Khurram

    on   said 

    we are working on a real estate web portal online which will be Pakistan most connected real estate network.offering endless opportunities and unique features for property dealers ,town managers , developers as well as individual buyers ,sellers and rentals.
    We connect right buyers with right sellers ,coming soon Inshallah after eid .
    Best regards
    Karakoram Homes

  3. M. Ali

    on   said 

    Dear what is the current status of Model housing society?
    Market worth?
    Company repute after such inconsistency.
    Investor is really disappoint due to their late lunching and even official launch is still pending.
    Soft opening and form are easily available but it’s worth nothing.
    Even they got the preliminary planning NOC from LDA but still waiting for others NOC.

    Could you please share the value information?

    • M.Ali
      Yes they have NOC issue like many societies on ferozepur Road and Raiwind Road.
      They are trying hard to obtain NOCs from all related departments like Ferozepur Road Lahore.
      Its better to wait before NOCs are cleared.
      This is the biggest confusion and government is making laws to curb these. Developers collect money even when there is no NOC. Government is planning laws to protect buyer, as according to new laws, no builder / developer will be able to collect down payment unless society is approved.

      • M. Ali

        on   said 

        Thanks for the reply.

        What kind of Law Sir? In Pakistan there is no Law. Richest persons have their own laws.
        In our Country Richest persons become richer and poor person are just falling down. If the Mediocre person think about any investment they will also fall into Poor category due to instability, Un-Law full activities, because in our country it’s very easy to break the rules and in return you have to pay off nominal penalty. Which worth nothing for the defaulters.

    • Zahra Khan
      Pakistan market is stagnant for short term due to political instability, high taxes and budget 2017-18 speculation.
      In long term prices will fall as there is no real economic growth in Pakistan but just the short term speculation.
      Here is good information blog by some American writer about economy and property. Although it is written for USA and west but also true for Pakistan.

      A MUST READ; (Property and stock are artificaly high due to money printing and low interest rate and this bubble will burst soon and will be more terrible than last one)

      For ten years now, the U.S. and other central banks have been “helicoptering” — pouring extra money into the system as wildly as if they were throwing it from helicopters. This — and keeping interest rates down — which has largely the same effect — has at least doubled the amount of money in circulation (M2). (Though much of this might be hoarded in billionaire bank accounts.) Normally this would lead to extreme inflation, yet inflation hasn’t arrived. What, then, has happened to all that extra money? To some degree it has gone directly to the billionaire class. It certainly has not gone to the working class, as wages are stagnant. (Just starting to pick up in the U.S.)

      Nor has that extra money gone into commodities. Prices for food and oil and computers and cars have hardly risen in ten years. Inflation has stayed below 1% in many nations. (There are inflation outliers such as Egypt, with 30+ % inflation last year.)

      So what has happened to all that extra money sloshing around in, say, Europe and North America, and even worldwide? The answer is easy: real estate. The People, having their financial prospects tossed around like rag dolls by the billionaire class and their governments, have chosen real estate to soak up all those half-worth or quarter-worth dollars. Here, suddenly, we find inflation.

      House prices in my city have tripled in 10 years. I bought a house in 2001 for $545K (and sold it in ’07 for $1.25M). Now, 17 years later, it’s worth $ 3 – 4 million — a six-fold to eight-fold increase. There must now be, on paper, a million millionaires in Metro Vancouver, since there is not one cruddy shack listed for sale below that threshold. Toronto, New York, Washington and California, same story. I was talking with a client some weeks ago who was fighting over a plot of farmland in a third-world country, poor, ravaged by violent factions, and threatened by ISIS and the Taliban. 110 acres. “How much is it worth?” I asked, expecting something around 50, maybe a hundred thousand. “Three million dollars,” she said without hesitation. She meant U.S. dollars, if memory serves.

      So that’s where all the money has gone, into inflated realty prices. The question, of course: will they crash? I certainly hope so, for my children’s sake. Meanwhile, our provincial government keeps minimum wages as low as possible. The minimum for established workers is $10.85 an hour — or $1,736 a month, BEFORE taxes, etc. This entire sum is just enough to rent a basement suite in Vancouver’s “bad neighbourhoods” — providing you don’t eat, and walk to work naked.

      But will the markets crash? Not, probably, as long as governments keep interest rates at 1% — which they are doing in Canada and Europe. (The U.S. is braver and healthier in this regard, attempting to raise rates, like a ten year old boy trying to lift an iron girder.) In Canada, they could raise rates to 3%, even 5%, and the economy might be shocked, but it would recover quickly, and be healthier. But if they did so, the real estate bubble — and it is a bubble, no matter what Poloz or other central bankers say — would collapse. This of course would hurt many homeowners, but it would also end the exiling of workers from cities, and the increasing pressure on non-owners, who, like toothpaste squeezed from the tube, must go in one of two directions: to rural areas, or to skid row (the bottom ghetto).

      Now, Canada’s government is terrified of crashing the very bubble they’ve created. Yet they don’t see the benefits of pricking this bubble. For example, if Canada would raise interest rates, the opioid/Fentanyl crisis would abate. (Too complex to explain why.) (Though admittedly heroin use long pre-dated our century — but this huge new crisis is an expression of the middle class’s despair.)

      We can’t stay at 1% forever, but the longer we remain there, the bigger the potential collapse might be when the rate dam does break. As I said about 6 months ago, the entire structure of low interest rates might come crashing down in 2019 or ’20, world-wide.

      The ironic thing is that real estate usually follows inflation, often with a lag of a year or more. In this case, real estate not only is leading inflation, it is the only inflation. (Other than health care, which is a real pit of greed. Health care workers and suppliers have gouged the public for decades — since the 1960’s — and regularly inflate their prices and their work. You inflate work by hiring two people to do one person’s job. You know, like the federal government. The public in Canada has been helpless to stop or slow this gouging, because it is done mostly behind closed doors, in collusion with health care’s best buddy, the government.)

  4. iftikhar Ahmed

    on   said 

    yes I second that , please inform us about the builder’s reality rather then just posting their ad on reply we can get those ad on internet anyway.

    I have booked a flat in 2007 and still waiting tried complain in abad and as you can imagine its protection of builder(their own members) not for public.

    • Iftikhar Ahmed
      This is the biggest issue in Pakistan
      At the moment we are moving in right direction as government is planning to make laws that no builder will be able to collect advance or booking money unless society has approval from development authority. Yes in past builders and developers have just looted the general public. Even many projects were just on the papers or ads.

  5. Nawaz

    on   said 

    which one is more reliable I could not find any single name which have good track record.

    LDA gang of fraudsters, Ashiana housing society made by Govt still no news of handover, LDA avenue 1 still in litigation from last 15 years and now we have more charm in form of lda city.

    Rest are not approved by LDA, Ghar 47 please always mention the approval status of each society whenever you discuss such societies let the people know and let the people make the right decision.

    • Nawaz
      The main purpose of this blog is to open a discussion platform where everyone can share their views and information about different projects in Lahore. So that all buyers and investors can benefit this.
      Ferozepur City Lahore is expected to be the best project in history of Pakistan. due to planning and facilities never seen before. Ferozepur City is the project of Enem Estate / Enem Developers. According to estate agents in Lahore, Malik Nameem is the owner of Enem Developers and has worked with Malik Riaz in Bahria Town Lahore. Also realtors have told me that Bahria Town is creating hurdle in the approval process of Ferozepur City. But Malik Naeem is trying hard to get approval from LDA and other departments. If approved, Ferozepur city will be the best society of Lahore for living and also for investment.
      Other societies I have described in this blog have good location and planning but same issue, approval from LDA.


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