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Affordable housing initiatives by KPK Government

Affordable housing initiatives by KPK Government
Affordable housing

Housing which is available on discount or at low price as compared to open market is known as affordable housing. Public in Western countries have great access to affordable housing. In UK, 67% housing is the social housing or government housing.

Affordable housing in Pakistan

In Pakistan, affordable housing is not normally available for general public but only for the government employees. Federal government has started the Prime Minister Housing Foundation, which provides the housing to federal employees at discount rates.

First initiative to provide affordable housing for the general public

The first initiative in Pakistan to provide affordable housing for the general public was by Government of Punjab. Ashiana Housing Scheme is the project which offers low price housing units. The general public in Lahore has welcomed these initiatives, but only few people could benefit this scheme due to limited developments.

Affordable housing initiatives by KPK Government

KPK Government has also initiated the affordable housing for general public. Since 2013, KPK Government has developed many affordable housing projects in different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Many projects have been completed and many projects are under development. For the people who want to avail these offers here is the list of under development projects;


Flats at Civil Quarter Kohat Road Peshawar

High Rise Flats Phase 4 Hayatabad Peshawar

Jalozai Housing Scheme District Nowshera

Housing Scheme at Mullazai District Peshawar

Housing Scheme at Jerma District Kohat

Housing Scheme at Havelian District Abbottabad

Model Town at Hangu

Model Town Peshawar

Mega City M-I Nowshera

Mega City Kagh Lasht Chitral

For more detail about these projects you can visit the official site of KPK housing;

All these initiatives by KPK government are stunning but once again on very limited scale. Affordable housing should be included in national development policies so that lot of people get affordable housing. These initiatives will definitely reduce homelessness in Pakistan.

Homelessness in Pakistan

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  1. Muhammad azeem yddin

    on   said 

    I have read in newspaper that the supreme court has stop to develip high rising building in karachi.

    similarly SBCA have also issue circular not give any approval for developing more than ground +3 story.

    Kindly analysis what will impact on property prices ? is this rules also apply for flats or only commercial buildings.

    we have also seen in karachi their is lot of portions is being developing and selling and this cause a trouble for parking. water and sewarage system.

    Kindly give your technical analysis is this kind of development should stop near future.

    • Muhammad azeem yddin
      There is no ban on the construction of high rise building but ban on water connection to all new buildings more than 2 storey high.
      Reason of this ban:
      Supreme Court wants to solve the water issue in Karachi.
      Rich people can get easy connection of water in Karachi but poor or middle class people are forced to fill their water tanks privately.
      Water is the basic necessity of life
      Water is approximately free in Lahore & Islamabad
      But in Karachi its the big trade.


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