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Where to invest in Islamabad Real Estate 2017?

Where to invest in Islamabad Real Estate 2017?
Property investment opportunities in Islamabad

Islamabad real estate is renowned for investment opportunities. As one of the most famous cities in Pakistan, Islamabad property presents unique investment options. One can invest in residential or commercial properties. If we see the past trends, Islamabad real estate has provided huge returns on investments. Due to CPEC and many other infrastructure projects, Islamabad real estate is still very lucrative for investment. Here are the top projects in Islamabad for investment purpose.

Sunset Homes Bahria Enclave Islamabad

SUNSET HOMES is the ongoing residential project in Islamabad as joint venture of  Aimal Builders and Velvet Bricks Private Limited. SUNSET HOMES are located in Sector M of Bahria Enclave Islamabad. SUNSET HOMES is offering 10 Marla double storey villas for sale. Houses in SUNSET HOMES can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments of 2 years.

Madina Mall & Residency Bahria Enclave Islamabad

MADINA MALL & RESIDENCY is a splendorous and highly exclusive project which has 2 basements, 2 commercial Floors, 9 Residential floors with 4 towers. MADINA MALL & RESIDENCY is located at the commercial hub of Bahria Enclave Islamabad. It has 484 residences accessible to buy with one, two, three, & four bedroom luxury apartments and duplex suites.

Ovaisco Villas Islamabad

OVAISCO VILLAS is the new residential project in Islamabad by Ovaisco. OVAISCO VILLAS is located on Islamabad Expressway. OVAISCO VILLAS is offering beautiful luxury houses of 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedrooms. Houses in OVAISCO VILLAS can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments of 3 years. OVAISCO VILLAS is one of the best new housing schemes in Islamabad due to state of the art planning, top location and provision of all all modern facilities. OVAISCO VILLAS is best for living and property investment in Islamabad.

Aimal Tower B-17 Islamabad

AIMAL TOWER is the new residential project in Islamabad by AIMAL & ZAINAB Builders. Aimal Tower is located in Sector B-17 Islamabad. It is near to the main gate of Multi Professional Housing Society. AIMAL TOWER is offering 1, 2 & 3 bedroom luxury apartments for sale on cash payment and also on easy installments of 3.5 years.

Park View Mall and Residency Islamabad

PARK VIEW MALL & RESIDENCY is the ongoing mixed use residential and commercial project in Islamabad. PARK VIEW MALL & RESIDENCY is located in Police Foundation, Islamabad. PARK VIEW MALL & RESIDENCY is offering the retail shops and 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments. Flats and shops in PARK VIEW MALL & RESIDENCY can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments. PARK VIEW MALL & RESIDENCY is one of the top real estate projects of Islamabad due to state of the art planning, prime location and provision of all modern amenities. PARK VIEW MALL & RESIDENCY is ideal for living, establishing businesses and property investment in Islamabad.

The centrium Bahria Enclave Islamabad

THE CENTRIUM is the mixed use residential and commercial project in Islamabad by Eagle Gate properties. THE CENTRIUM is located in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. THE CENTRIUM is offering the retail shops and 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments for sale on cash payment and also on easy installments.

The Galleria Bahria Enclave Islamabad

THE GALLERIA is an exclusive project of 2 & 3 bedroom luxury apartments and shops which is being launched as a joint venture between Red Sun & Shangrila Builders in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. The project consists of 238 shops on ground floor and 558 apartments across multiple floors and blocks.

New projects in Islamabad

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  1. Taseer

    on   said 

    SC has also taken the initiative against Mafia those are actually the big tanks to increase the property prices , how do you see all new housing schemes rates in coming 3 or 4 months
    How it will impact the sectors like G-14 and F-14
    And at the sane time there is an inaguration of ring road at Rawat in coming couple of months how it has an impact on DHA and express way housing societies prices

    • Taseer
      Development works have failed so far to boost the stagnant market. For example Lahore Ring Road has failed to uplift property market.
      Pakistan property market is 80% based on black money. SC’s crack down on property mafia will totally trash the property market.
      But biggest effect will be felt in the areas where property prices are above 1 crore and speculation is high.
      Societies where property prices are affordable and no much speculation, prices will fall less or will be stagnant for years to come.
      NEXT 3-4 MONTHS
      Property prices will fall sharply and we will see big crack down on black money. Its better to wait before making any investment.

      • Taseer

        on   said 

        Let me more specific to ask, how is the investment option in G-14, G-13 & DHA islamabad in residential plots where all plots prices are more than 1 crore

        • taseer
          G-14, G-13, DHA Islamabad & Bahria Rawalpindi are the areas where empty plots are more than the built houses. So in other words supply is more than the demand. All these societies are the best target of people with black money. People buy property in these societies to whiten the black money, so this is why prices are high even without real demand to live in or build houses.
          Everyone knows the nexus of black money and real estate. SC is soon goona open the MEGA CORRUPTION cases. Do you think that people with black money will invest when SC is chasing them? No way.
          If people with white money don’t buy property in above mentioned societies, we can see where prices will go. CRASH! BIG CRASH
          Stay away from societies where property speculation is high and real demand is low.
          Chances are that you will see 30-50% price crash in above mentioned societies. If you can sell your properties immediately and if you want to invest, wait for couple of months.

  2. Muhammad azeem yddin

    on   said 

    dear sir

    You have many times gives your technical analysis about the property prices in pakistan

    But as usual I have told to you that their is no technical and science analysis applicable in pakistan property and stock .

    my words are being support tomorrow 5th June 2015 all world stock market downward trend due to QATAR issue but PSX increase 1556 point.

    this shows ABNORMALITY. few strange hands control from behind and they decide how much point should increase tomorrow and stock increase.

    same formulla for property. as you have seen property prices increased during last 6 months about 25%

    • Muhammad Azeem Yddin
      Good analysis
      Pakistan stock and property sector both are controlled by mafia with black money. Government is trying hard to free these sectors. Courts are also trying to curb the black money. Lets see the outcome and hope for best.

  3. Murad Khsn

    on   said 

    Sunset homes Bahria Enclave Islamabad is the new project please tell me the contact number of authorized dealer. Also what are the new projects in Islamabad?
    Many thanks

    • Murad Khsn
      For new projects; Sunset Homes, The Centrium, The Galleria and Madina Mall all projects in Bahria Enclave Islamabad you can call on 0334 5023688 or 0333 1936612.

  4. Kashif

    on   said 

    Hi Sir

    What could be the impacts of New Islamabad Air Port on societies around it ? And can you please share your thoughts about State Life Cooperative Housing Society, its like 17KM away from New Islamabad Air Port.


    • Kashif
      Societies near to New Islamabad International Airport will see boost in price.
      State Life Cooperative is located on N-5 or G.T. Road. Its in between Islamabad and Taxila. This society will see boost when CPEC will be fully developed as N-5 will be a major part of CPEC. Area around this society will be much developed. You will see good profit in this society by 2020.

  5. Osama

    on   said 

    Madina Mall Bahria Enclave, Ovaisco Villas, Aimal Tower and Park View Mall & Residency look new project please share the payment plans.


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