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Where to invest in Gwadar Real Estate 2017?

Where to invest in Gwadar Real Estate 2017?
Property investment opportunities in Gwadar

Property market is stagnant in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad but Gwadar real estate sector is still performing well. It’s because plot price in Gwadar is 5-7 times lower than same size plots in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. In last two years Gwadar property prices have increased by 500%. This shows the massive investment in Gwadar real estate sector. Gwadar real estate sector is still very lucrative and can offer high returns on investment. Here are the top projects in Gwadar which are best for real estate investment purpose. The projects are best in term of living and establishing business due to prime location.

Palm City Gwadar

PALM CITY is the residential and commercial project in Gwadar. PALM CITY is located on the prime location of 400 feet wide Jinnah Avenue 2, Gwadar. PALM CITY has good proximity to Balochistan Broadway, Marine Drive and Makran Coastal Highway. PALM CITY is offering 5, 10, 20 & 40 Marla residential plots and 5 & 8 Marla commercial plots. Commercial & Residential Plots on 4 years installment.

Canadian City Gwadar

CANADIAN CITY is the mixed-use residential and commercial project in Gwadar. CANADIAN CITY is located on Makran Coastal Highway. CANADIAN CITY is at just 4 minutes’ drive from Zero Point Gwadar. CANADIAN CITY is offering 5, 10, 20 & 40 Marla Residential Plots, 20 Marla Semi-commercial Plots and 2, 4 & 8 Marla Commercial Plots for sale on 30 months installments.

GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar

GlobBiz Avenue PHASE 4 is the ongoing residential and commercial project in Gwadar. GlobBiz Avenue PHASE 4 is located on famous Balochistan Broadway Gwadar. GlobBiz Avenue PHASE 4 has good proximity to Jinnah Avenue, Marine Drive and Makran Coastal Highway. GlobBiz Avenue PHASE 4 is offering 5, 7, 10, 12 & 20 Marla residential plots and 4 & 40 Marla commercial plots. Commercial & Residential Plots in GlobBiz Avenue PHASE 4 can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments of 2 & 3 years.

New projects in Gwadar

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  1. ACH

    on   said 

    AOA Sir/Madam,
    I am planning to buy industrial land for Warehouse/ commercial plot for investment purpose either in Lahore or in Gwadar on instalments, what are your recommendations about the genuine housing scheme in Gwadar or Lahore.
    and what would be the right time.


  2. Nawaz

    on   said 

    @ GHAR47

    I will appreciate if you could discuss the property of GWADAR w.r.t their approval by GDA when such societies was launched when they will start development and when Master Plan will come.

    New Master Plan which Govt is currently under development is the key and it will have major changes in overall locations of Gwadar especially for private schemes may be Govt schemes will not be affected. Currently all private schemes are collecting money and no body is answering on development as master plan may change their location and Govt may take over the private societies land for future expansion.

    Please cover all such points on your blog otherwise it will give wrong message to general public and investors and they may get trap.

    Thanks for your continuous efforts.

    Please let us know

  3. Muhammad azeem yddin

    on   said 

    this is very nice analysis and really understood your point of views very clearly.

    media is discussing a lot and people are beyound to understand why and how property market come down which is artificially beyound to reach from middle class.

    this is very bad luck millions of Pakistanis that they are buying water for drinking . and using well hard water for bathing. KMC is unable to pickup solid waste and people have involve Chicken gonia.

    middle class and poor families are already in trouble and now the BIG TROUBLE is that they are paying 50% of their salary in RENT . because property prices high and RENT are going to high. They are paying rent by CUTTING their children FOOD.

    it is the responsibility democratic government fascinated the people but everyone have seeing no action and consideration are being taken. ALL ARE SILENT OR SLEEPING.

    this shows that after 10 years the children will be the age of 20 years what you can imagine and expect about the PAKISTANI NATION.

    having compair this from your nehbiouring countries !!!!!

    • Muhammad Azeem Yddin
      Stupid are those who say that 21st century is the century of freedom
      Historic biggest slavery can be seen in 21st century.
      Debt slavery and rent slavery.
      Pakistan property is ruled by black money mafia. China cutting in Karachi, and land/property scams in other cities is the clear evidence. We Pakistanis should understand that high property prices serve only few people but low property prices will benefit all Pakistanis.
      Ideally people should not pay more than 30% of their income on rent. But its very high in Pakistan even more than 50%.
      Don’t worry, mother of all crashes is coming in Pakistan.
      PAKISTAN will see Dubai style property rash; where property prices are still 30% down of peak , 2008.
      after 9 years of crash rents are still low in Dubai

  4. Nazish fatima

    on   said 

    DEAR sir

    I read your blog regularly. You have predict that property prices will come down after Panama case.

    Panama case is only for PM. So it is beyond to understand how the property prices will come down?

    PM will change then another PM will come but It has been seen that every six minths property prices going up.

    Further told us that if I want to invest in real estate then how many months should I wait For?

    • Nazish Fatima
      PANAMA CASE is not properly understood. Its not against PM or his family. Its about corruption or black money. Its decision is vital as it will change Pakistan forever. Why property prices are stagnant after JIT. Because people with black money are afraid of SC and are not investing in real estate and they know that SC is secretly investigating the nexus of black money and property sector. The greatest achievement of government was to trap the black money investors via tax amnesty scheme. SC has all record about the people who benefited property tax amnesty scheme.
      1- Crack down on black money
      2- Low remittances by Pakistani expatriates as economies in Middle Eastern countries are melting down due to low oil price
      3- Property are highly affordable and will fall before people start buying it
      Just a little bit more wait
      Within 2 months, after BAKRA EID or up to this time you will notice a big crash which will destroy the investments of millions. Its better to wait as you will get good reward in form of cheap properties. Don’t be fooled by the people who say everything is fine.
      Estate agents are closing their estates. Many dealers have zero income since last two months.
      Property market has reached the meting point just little more wait.

      • rizwan

        on   said 


        • Rizwan
          In shaa ALLAH
          This is the last hope, now and never
          Either we Pakistanis will be slaves or few people or will be owner of Pakistan and our own destiny
          PANAMA CASE will decide it
          I am hopeful that only PAKISTANI NATION will win Panama Case
          I personally see 50% or more property crash.
          At the moment people with black money re hit hard

      • ACH

        on   said 

        Hi Sir/Madam,

        You in your reply presented very logical argument about property slow down, but down fall in price of property might take longer if corrective action is to be taken by the authorities and that will not happen because it is not in the interest of the Mafia, and corrupt politicians, etc. and other stakeholders who in fact are the part of the mafia, and this mafia can do anything to protect their own rather a common man’s interest. Only God can save, so pray to Allah for the betterment

        • ACH
          Yes property mafia will try hard to safeguard their interests but useless. SC is not after any politician but against all those who are corrupt. So very soon we will see the results. This time winner will be general public and honest tax payers.


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