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ASF ARABIAN VISTA is what Karachiites need

ASF ARABIAN VISTA is what Karachiites need

Karachi real estate sector is stagnant since May 2017. This stagnation is due to highly abnormal property prices, property tax rise as of budget 2017-18 and Panama Case. Unfortunately in Pakistan, real estate sector is alcoholic of black money as it is the easiest way to whiten the black money. As JIT & SC are curbing the black money, obvious result is the low investment in property sector. Due to low investments we can see property stagnation.

Karachiites are worried about high property prices and abnormal rents. Many people are paying 50% of their incomes on rents, whereas according to affordable rent ratio, one should not pay more than 25-30% of income on rent. In highly abnormal property prices, ASF ARABIAN VISTA is what Karachiites need. ASF ARABIAN VISTA is the state of the art and affordable housing project in Karachi by ASF Foundation.

ASF ARABIAN VISTA is located just near to 4K Chowrangi, North Karachi. The site has great accessibility as is near to Northern Bypass and Hyderabad-Karachi Motorway. The government has 2020 master plan to develop the areas on both sides of Northern Bypass. Northern Bypass has come to prominence due to CPEC as all trade will be conducted via this famous road.

ASF ARABIAN VISTA offers the stunning world class amenities. ASF ARABIAN VISTA has high security as it is a gated community with many security layers. ASF ARABIAN VISTA offers wide stairs, spacious bedrooms, stunning interiors, high quality finishes & fixtures, swimming pool, Masjid, open green area and many more facilities.

ASF ARABIAN VISTA is offering 3, 4 & 5 room / 2, 3 & 4 bedroom luxury apartments. Prices are very affordable and so is the payment plan. Flats prices are from 29 LAC to 55 LAC. ASF ARABIAN VISTA has 4.5 year installment plan. The apartments prices and payment plans clearly show that this scheme is designed for middle class people.

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  1. Amna Naveed

    on   said 

    Could you please tell me about the upcoming housing schemes in Karachi?
    yet to launch. The ones in planning phase.
    Would like to know what is the best 3-5 options.

    • RIZWAN
      Property is stagnant at the moment
      Sales and purchase has approximately zero
      Ramadan was the dead month for real estate sector
      Property market is dead due to 1- JIT CASE and secondly many estate agents have not yet finished their holidays
      Market situation will be clear in next couple of weeks but personally I am not seeing much transactions
      Price fall will be more prominent after PANAMA CASE DECISION

  2. Nazish fatima

    on   said 

    DEAR sir

    Kindly give me your precious suggestion that the open land nearest Fazia flats near gulshan e maymer and on main road northern bypass (chapal up town) karachi are available quite cheaper price. The price are being calculated by acres.

    So if I buy this land and hold 2 years and after cutting land on small plots like 120 sq/ yard or same as it sale Should you think this idea can work and I can make money. This idea are being given me one of real estate broker.he is advising me I should not invest in investment is 30 this money I just can buy one bungalow 240 sq/yard but I can buy about 10 acre land at their.

    Should you think after 2 years the prices will sharply increase but at this moment I have visited their is creeping silence

    Sir please give me your valuable opinion and expert analysis.

    • Nazish Fatima
      Area near Northern Bypass is where future lies due to CPEC route. In 2020 all investments will get massive returns. You should invest in land in this area, but just make sure that seller has all documents and land is scam free.

  3. Sania bukhari

    on   said 

    Good blog. But I have a question. you have told many times that price crash is coming. please tell us if crash happens what will be its effect on ASF ARABIAN VISTA.

    • Sania Bukhari
      Yes I have mentioned many times that mother of all property crashes is coming in Pakistan. But I have also mentioned that properties worth less than 1 LAC will have less price fall. Property crash always effects high end luxury properties. If we see history of property crash in Pakistan, DHA Lahore Phase 5 1 Kanal plot price was 150 lac but after crash the price was just 50 LAC in 2005. Property crash effect is more felt in the areas where black money circulation is high and so is the property speculation.
      ASF Arabian Vista 4 bedroom flat price is 55 LAC. Do ou think that black money people will target this society to whiten the black money? No way. This is one of the affordable scheme and is best for middle class people. So you can invest without any fear. Another advantage is the long and easy payment plan of 4.5 years. You can see what will be the price of flats after 5 years.
      ASF Arabian Vista is the society what we need in Karachi and Pakistan. Societies like this will definitely provide affordable housing in Pakistan and will result in increasing home ownership.


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