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Sialkot Lahore Motorway

Sialkot Lahore Motorway

Sialkot Lahore Motorway is the under construction 89 kilometers long, high speed and limited access highway in Pakistan. The project was announced in 2016 and will be completed by 2018. On completion, Sialkot Lahore Motorway (SLM) will have 4 lanes, 7 interchanges, 8 flyovers, 40 bridges and 80 underpasses. The government has also planned to establish 3 industrial zones and 2 universities along the route.

Purpose! A part of CPEC

CPEC is the game changer as it will have great impact on economy of Pakistan. Sialkot Lahore Motorway is the part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. SLM will be connected to M2 via Kala Shah Kaku Interchange. SLM will easily transport the goods from Sialkot to the world market. This road will also help in the fast delivery of goods from Sialkot to other areas of Pakistan.


Many people have objected the construction of Sialkot Lahore Motorway. According to this group, it’s not the most preferable way to connect the different cities as millions of acres of agricultural land will be acquired for the project. According to this group it was much better to convert G.T. Road to motorway or 8 lanes expressway as most population and cities are located on this road.


Firstly, SLM it will reduce the time between Lahore and Sialkot to just 45 minutes. Secondly, it will create employment opportunities as people can easily move between two cities due to less traveling time. Thirdly, this road will also help in controlling the floods by serving as a barrier. Fourthly, SLM will connect many areas.


Like advantages, SLM will have some drawbacks too. Firstly it will make Sialkot a mere satellite Town of Lahore. Secondly, it will have negative impact on Sialkot commercial markets as most people will prefer to visit Lahore for shopping. Thirdly, property prices will fall in Sialkot but will rise in Lahore, as people always prefer to live in mega cities.

Wazir Khan Masjid Lahore Restoration work

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    • Zohaib Ahmed
      The aim of FBR is to bring the valuation rates to actual market rate
      FBR has not increased the valuation rates as property price is falling and will naturally be same as FBR Rate

    • RIZWAN
      First I was the only person who was pointing the abnormally high property prices and rents. But now everyone looks to discuss this even government for first time if showing data that rent inflation is a big part of overall inflation. But its too late.
      In Pakistan, property market is controlled by few people who have enslaved the people. SC is having ruthless crackdown on black money and land mafia to free the general public.
      Very soon we will see very affordable prices in Pakistan.
      Illegal housing schemes will soon be the game of past.
      Without black money, property prices will be in free fall.

      • muhamamd azeem uddin

        on   said 

        you are rightly said thta you are the only one person in pakistan who is saying property prices will come down.

        otherwise every one have said that once prices have increased it will never come down,, it will settle in the same position.

        i appreciate you vision and thought !!!

        Today IMF also warns that pakistan export are become very low and it can not be survivable ,,
        where as i understood the main reason to become down export is REAL ESTATE ,, because the rate of return are become very high and every one have invested money,,

        no one want botheration and pains taking problem have to involve in manufacturing sector.

        i think the authority person of pakistan is not intelligent and they dont have thought and planning.they did not understand what is happening and how it has to be controlled.

        once a manufacturing unit closed then it is very hard to start it again.

        • Muhamamd Azeem Uddin
          Once a manufacturing unit is closes, its hard to start it again. – Amazing and very true
          Pakistan economy in sinking but unfortunately our leaders are only busy in Panama Case
          May AALLAH have mercy upon us
          What I personally see in coming days is massive devaluation of rupee which will definitely decrease the buying power. When buying power is low; who will buy the expensive properties in Pakistan?
          So property price fall in Pakistan is written on walls.

  1. Muhammad azeem yddin

    on   said 

    dear sir

    according to IMF advises the Pakistani rupees must devalue about 15%.

    it means Rupees must devalue … the export ..import .. current deficit… all are not favourable.

    kindly give your technical analysis of Rupees devalue what impact on real estate prices.

    further on CEPEC Pakistan is borrowing from friend country Chinese bank on 8.25% mark up. state bank is giving Pakistani people 4% mark on deposit their money.

    I see that this kind of discrimination could not stand for long time.

    what you predict the real estate prices once the state bank will increase the mark .

    • RIZWAN

      on   said 

      lets hope and pray that prices crash sooner than later as ppl can afford to buy their homes and market will also show activity when prices are lower

      • RIZWAN
        In shaa ALLAH
        Pakistanis are very close to ultimate victory.
        Prices are already falling in term of asking price. Many investor and home builders are in Panic. Asking price is already down by 10-15%. Wait and see as its gonna very bumpy ride this time.

    • Muhammad Azeem Yddin
      Currency devaluation is the best tax collection system as no one protests about it especially in third world countries like Pakistan. When currency devalues, people get poor overnight. In case of properties this can be considered as 15% devaluation = 15% price crash/fall.
      Pakistan’s economic condition is definitely very bad as compared to what we see on TV is just a rosy picture. When economy falls, so falls the buying power. Low buying power means low prices and less real estate transactions. This results in long property market stagnation as it happened in Pakistan from 2005 to 2010.

    • Shaista Waheed
      Market is stagnant at the moment. Transactions are record low in DHA Lahore. This is due to high taxes, political turmoil, crack down of SC on black money and economic decline of Middle Eastern Countries.
      Panama Case Decision will be the game changer. It will totally crash the property prices as SC is gonna chase black money in all the world.
      So we will see low property prices and stagnant market for years to come.

  2. Noori

    on   said 

    kia bat ha. Sirf sarkain banaoo. na hospital per tawaja no school. lagta ha motorways ka aalmi record banana ha enhoon ne

    • Noori
      Yes we need hospitals and schools but infrastructure development is also very important
      China is reviving old silk road. All wars and conquests of Amir Timur and Genghis Khan Khan were for the supremacy of silk road.
      British Empire and USA maintained the supremacy of sea routes.
      CPEC is also an infrastructure developments.
      We should build schools, hospitals and roads too. Everything is important.


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