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Pakistan population growth undermines living standards

Pakistan population growth undermines living standards The 6th Population & Housing Census in Pakistan was held from March 15th to May 24th, 2017. According to the census reports, Pakistan population is now 20.8 Crore. It has swallowed by 57% since 1998 and 146.6% since 1981. The rising population has huge impact on housing and living…

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Living in city center

Living in city center Choice of living solely depends on one’s circumstances, requirements and budget. But many people prefer to live in city centers as it is sometimes hailed as the status symbol too. Like advantages, city centers have many disadvantages too. Here are the details of advantages and disadvantages of living in city center….

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Wallpaper versus paint for home interior

Wallpaper versus paint for home interior Interior is the major part of both new home construction and renovation work. Selection of finishing material for interior depends on the choice of individual people. Most people select either wallpaper or paint for home interiors. Paint & wallpaper have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss in detail the…

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5 Tips for Avoiding Property Scams

5 Tips for avoiding property scams Whenever you buy or rent a property, you have to consider the location, size and price. But another factor most people miss is the property frauds. Nowadays property scams are common due to advancement in technology. Sometimes sellers use different scams to trick you to send money. These scams…

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