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Rise of farmhouse living in Rawalpindi

Rise of farmhouse living in Rawalpindi
Farm house

A residence which is located in rural or suburban areas is known as farmhouse. Modern farmhouses are different from the traditional farmhouses. Old farmhouses were located in agricultural settings with spaces for animals. On the other hand, modern farmhouses are mostly located in suburban areas and serve as retreats from congested & hectic city life.

Advantages of farmhouse living

Farmhouse offers great living experience. Firstly, farmhouse has large space for trees, plants, lawns, gardens, parking, swimming pool and outdoor sports. Secondly, farmhouse has low air and noise pollution as atmosphere is clean with less traffic. Thirdly, farmhouse offers the stunning opportunity to live near to the nature. Fourthly, farmhouse offers complete privacy as there is no interference from other people. Fifthly, farmhouse offers the opportunity to grow fruits, vegetables and own food. You can also raise poultry and fishes.

Rise of Farmhouse living in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is one of the most populated cities of Pakistan. Due to fast population growth, we can see congestion, high air & noise pollution and hectic life. Green spaces are vanishing due to fast commercialization. These changes have heralded the rise of farmhouse living in Rawalpindi, especially in suburban areas. No we can see many new farmhouse projects in Rawalpindi.

Rawal Greens Farm Houses Rawalpindi

This is the new residential project in Rawalpindi by Al Falah Developers. They have already developed a housing scheme; Garden Town Rawalpindi. The project is designed to offer organic living experience. It has 8 Kanal farm house plots for sale on easy installments of 5 years. Rawal Greens Farm Houses is located at just 15 minutes’ drive from Chakri Interchange and at 10 minutes’ drive from Chak Beli Khan Interchange on Rawalpindi Ring Road. After the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road, approach to Rawal Greens Farmhouses will be very easy.

Booking details of Rawal Greens Farm Houses Rawalpindi

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