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Rural versus urban living

Rural versus urban living

An area with large population and high building & infrastructure development is known as urban settlement. On the other hand, an area with small population and low building & infrastructure development is known as rural settlement. Rural and urban livings have their own charms. Some people prefer to live in cities while others in rural areas. Let’s discuss rural versus urban living in detail.

Basic facilities

Basic infrastructure is always modern in urban areas as compared to rural areas as lot of people commute in cities on daily basis. Similarly, cities have better schools, hospitals, shopping areas and recreational zones as compared to villages, as it’s easy to provide these facilities to large population on small area as compared to the scattered population on large area.

Cost of living

Cost of living is directly related to size of population and land availability. Rural areas have small population but lot of land. This is why houses are affordable in rural areas as demand is low. On the other hand cities have limited land and high population. In cities demand is always high due to which houses are expensive to buy or rent.

Greenery & vegetation

Cities have limited land compared to villages. Land price is always high in cities due to high demand. Therefore it’s hard for many people to afford open spaces in homes in form of lawns or small gardens. But on the other hand, village houses have large areas and everyone can easily afford beautiful small gardens and lawns.

Pollution level

Pollution level is high in cities as compared to villages. This is due to large number of vehicles and low plantation in cities. People living in cities face high level of air & noise pollution due to which depression & many other diseases are common. On the other hand pollution level is low in villages and atmosphere is very peasant & healthy.

Living in city centers

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  1. zahid hussain

    on   said 

    sir i want to buy 3.5 marla comercal plot in soan garden plz tell me what will be best price.plot is in block B

  2. Ali Hasan

    on   said 

    sir gaoon main life ache ha shehar se. city main pollution bahoot ha our bheer bhe. Mera tu dam ghutata ha. Trees kaat dye hain cities main roads banane ko

    • Ali Hasan
      Village life is amazing as it is pollution free with lot of greenery and space
      But Pakistani villages have no major facilities
      In most cases people move to cities as there are better job oppertunities
      Like CHINA we should build industries in rural areas
      This will provide employment to rural areas of Pakistan and also will reduce burden on cities


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