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Things to consider before home buying

Things to consider before home buying

Buying a home is the top financial decision as it saves the monthly rent and price of home also increases with the passage of time. But it’s very important to thoroughly inspect the house before buying, as houses that require renovations / repairs increase the overall purchase cost. Here are the top things to consider before home buying.


The first thing to inspect while buying a home is its structure. Look at the lintels above doors and windows. If there are cracks, it means that structure needs repairs. Similarly thoroughly checks the condition of roof and walls.


Dampness is one of the main causes of structural decay in a house. Dampness is caused by water which penetrates from outer walls, roof or foundations. To find dampness just check the DPC, walls and drainage from the roof.

Plumbing and electrical works

The next thing to watch for is the condition of plumbing and electrical works. Make sure that electric work is properly maintained without short circuit as it can cause fire. Similarly check the leakage of gas and water pipes.


Fixtures are normally expensive items in a house. You should thoroughly inspect the condition of bathrooms and kitchen fixtures. Just make sure that fixtures are working properly. Other things to note are the lights, fans, switches etc.


Thoroughly inspect the condition of the interior and exterior finishes. You should see the tile work in baths & kitchens, flooring, woodwork, doors and false ceiling. Also make sure that the window glasses are not broken.

Boundary wall & main gate

Before buying a home it’s important to check the condition of the boundary wall and main gate. Make sure that the main gate is not rusty. Similarly examine the condition of the boundary wall. Cracks is boundary wall cause it to collapse which is very dangerous.

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