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Top 6 Home Interior Finishes

Top 6 Home Interior Finishes

Beautiful interior not only enhances the look of a home but also increases its value. Most commonly used materials for home interiors are paint, wood, Plaster of Paris, stone, tiles and wallpaper. Different interior finishes have different price, age and workability. Let’s discuss different types of top 6 home interior finishes.


Paint is the most widely used home interior finish. Paint is very affordable and has good workability as you can apply it yourself. Paints are available in different colors, gloss and shades. Paint has low life as you have to repaint interiors after every 5 years.

Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris is a good home interior finish and is used to decorate ceilings and walls. Plaster of Paris is a cheap material but only experts can use it. Age of Plaster of Paris is 10-15 years. False ceiling made of Plaster of Paris reduces the heat gain from the roof.


Stone is another good home interior finish. Stone has natural look and brings beauty to the interior. Stone / marble is used for flooring and also for decoration of walls. Stone is an expensive finishing material. Stone has long life as it almost lasts for lifetime.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles come in both glazed and non-glazed textures. Tiles are affordable in price with lot of variety. Tiles can be used on floors and walls. Ceramic tiles have long life as they last for lifetime. Tiles need regular maintenance as the gaps between tiles collect dust.


Wallpaper is also one of the most commonly used interior finishes. Wallpaper can be used in ceiling and walls. Wallpaper is expensive in price and only experts can apply it. Wallpapers have lot of variety and textures. Even you can print a wallpaper of your favorite scenery or pattern.


Wood is one of the most expensive home interior items. Wood can be used on floors, ceilings and walls. Wood has long life and almost lasts for lifetime. Wood has lot of variety and colors. Only experts can use wood to create beautiful home interiors.

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