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GDA Approved Housing Schemes in Gwadar

GDA Approved Housing Schemes in Gwadar

Gwadar is generally considered as the world’s best real estate hotspot due to the massive gains. But now the market is cooling down due to the two major factors. Firstly developers have failed to complete the projects. Secondly many real estate scams have been recorded due to which many buyers and investors have lost their life savings. The main problem is that people are investing in Gwadar Real estate without any research. The buyers and investors should first check the status of the housing scheme or commercial project. This will reduce the chances of property frauds and you will also know the status of the project. Only invest in the projects which have been awarded the NOC by GDA. To control the property frauds, Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) has recently issued the list of the real estate projects that have been awarded the NOC. Here is the complete information of GDA approved housing schemes in Gwadar.

NOC’s Issued to Residential projects in Gwadar:

Green Palms Gwadar

Jinnah City Gwadar

Hermain City Gwadar

Blue Ocean residency Gwadar

Gwadar Central Housing Scheme Gwadar

Canadian City Gwadar

Jamal City Gwadar

Golden Lake Gwadar

GlobBiz Avenue Phase 4 Gwadar

Kings Park Gwadar

Gwadar Royal Garden Phase 2 Gwadar

Anchor City Gwadar

Gwadar Golf City Gwadar

Sharjah Center Gwadar

China Pak Golf Estate Gwadar

Indus City Gwadar

Coast Way Residency Gwadar

Palm City Gwadar

Sachan City Gwadar

Al Ghani Housing Scheme Gwadar

International Port City Gwadar

Savaira City Gwadar

Naval Anchorage Gwadar

NOC’s Issued to Industrial Projects in Gwadar:

Akbar Industrial Park Gwadar

Sky Zone Industrial Scheme Gwadar

NOC’s Issued to Commercial Projects in Gwadar:

Finance Trade and Business Avenue Gwadar

Sabzimandi Gwadar

NOC’s Issued to Different Type Buildings in Gwadar:

Gwadar Gymkhana

Burj Al Gwadar

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