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5 Ways to Know Current Real Estate Prices

5 Ways to Know Current Real Estate Prices

If you are buying a home, the information about the real estate market is very important for negotiating the right price. To know the current real estate prices you need to survey the market as it will save you a lot of money. Here are the top 5 ways to know current real estate prices.

Local estate agents

The first way to survey the market to know current price trends is to visit the local realtors. They have good information about the price trend of the area. Just ask your local estate agents about the sale price of the similar house you are looking for.

Government reports

The government always has the price record of different areas. Land registry records all real estate transactions. The department notes the prices as various taxes are collected as per the property price. You can know the real estate prices of area where you want to buy a home.

The surveyors report

Many survey companies collect the price data for the local government bodies and estate agents. These survey reports have always most accurate prices as the companies survey the market on regular basis. You can also consult the surveyors to know about the local price trends.

Newspapers ads

Another way to survey the market to know the price trends is to read the newspapers. Most newspapers have dedicated sections of real estate ads where different people advertise their properties. You should read the newspapers to know about the asking property price in your area.

Real estate portals

Nowadays online real estate portals have made it easier to buy a home. You should visit the real estate sites to know about the real estate prices. But note that listed prices are the asking prices which are higher than the selling price as there is always 10-15% negotiation margin.

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