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Pakistan Election 2018 and Affordable Housing Debate

Pakistan Election 2018 and Affordable Housing Debate

Affordable housing is always included in the national policies of Western countries. In every general election, Western politicians discuss the ways to solve the housing crisis once in power. Finally Pakistani politicians have also started discussing the need of affordable housing for the general public. In this blog we will discuss Pakistan Election 2018 and Affordable Housing Debate.

Housing shortage in Pakistan

Pakistan is the nation of 220 million people. According to the old reports of United Nations there is a shortage of 10 million new housing units. According to the report 60% houses in Pakistan have passed their useable life and should be replaced by the new modern homes. The housing demand in Pakistan is increasing every year as we are just building 150,000 new units annually.

Building affordable housing is the only solution to solve housing crisis

Housing crisis in Pakistan can’t be solved without the assistance of the government. Government should start the construction of affordable housing nationwide so that people can get homes at affordable prices as compared to the market rates. The people, who even can’t afford to rent homes, should be given free homes for living. This will control the homelessness in Pakistan.

Finally housing is included in election campaigns

Pakistan General Elections 2018 campaigns have started the new trends. Now politicians are discussing the housing shortage and the houses they will construct once in power, whereas earlier they only discussed the water and electricity crisis. This new trend is welcomed by the masses who can only dream to live in own home due to high property prices in Pakistan.

The benefits of government affordable housing developments

The affordable housing by the government will help out in two ways. Firstly it will provide the housing for the people who can’t buy homes in the open market. Secondly when houses will be constructed on large scale the housing price will crash as it’s all about supply and demand. People will never buy the expensive houses if they are offered affordable homes by the government.

Homelessness in Pakistan


  1. Rashid

    on   said 

    Dear sir,
    How to determine actual market value of certain property at khi before making buying decision.



    • Rashid
      Go to dealers
      Tell them that you want to buy a flat or property
      They will show you and tell you the price
      Go to dealers again to tell them that you want to sell the flat or property
      CHECK the price different
      Like their buying offer and their selling price
      Their buying offer will be the real price

    • Muhammad Azeem Uddin
      According to the chairman if NAB most complaints are for real estate frauds and scams.
      According to the reports 24 Billion PKR was issued for affordable housing scheme but no government society was delivered.
      Housing crisis in PAKISTAN can’t be solved without the assistance of government.
      The next government should include housing in infrastructure developments.
      This will hep the poor people to live in own homes and also it will crash the abnormal house price.

    • rizwan

      on   said 

      link not working….. secondly today tribune reported that SBP said amnesty scheme has failed and only usd 290 million collected in taxes while aim was of 4 billion but nothing near it collected


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