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Pros and cons of marble flooring

Pros and cons of marble flooring

There are many floor finishes but marble flooring is widely used in the world. Marble flooring enhances the beauty of interior and brings the Midas touch. Marble tiles come is different sizes, colors and textures. Marble flooring has both advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of marble flooring.


Marble flooring has the natural look, as it is cut out of stone. Marble tiles come in many colors and shades. Due to huge variety of colors you can select the marble which suits your home interior.

Temperature resilient

Marble tiles are temperature resilient. In hot weather marble tiles feel cool and in cold weather marble tiles just feel warm. This is one of the reasons that even marble tiles are used in fireplace areas.


Marble tiles are very durable and almost last for lifetime. Marble flooring can be even seen in the centuries old historic buildings. Marble flooring is safe from dropping of the hard items which shows its strength.

Comparatively Expensive

The marble flooring is expensive as compared to the tile flooring. Marble is mined from quarry and then brought to factories for dressing. All hard work adds to the price and makes it expensive.

Hard to install

Marble flooring has low work-ability as compared to the other floor finishes. Only experts can install the marble tiles as you have to first prepare the surface. The other thing to make sure is that marble tiles are not unevenly installed.

Hard to maintain

Marble flooring is hard to maintain and replace. Marble flooring needs periodic maintenance like grinding & polishing which is a time taking and expensive process. You also need to save the marble flooring from acids as it might get cracks.

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