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Pros and Cons of Mosaic Flooring

Pros and Cons of Mosaic Flooring

The mosaic is known as an art piece which is made of joining the small pieces. Mosaic tiles are widely used for flooring worldwide. Mosaic flooring can be found in old Roman buildings. Like every finishing material, mosaic flooring has both advantages and disadvantages. This blog describes the both pros and cons of mosaic flooring.


The first advantage of mosaic flooring is that it has beautiful look. Mosaic tiles enchase the beauty of the space and bring the Midas touch. Due to the great appearance mosaic tiles are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. If you use mosaic glass tiles they will brighten the space due to their reflective quality.


The second advantage of mosaic flooring is that it has great variety. You can select from different colors, textures, hues and designs. Even you can design mosaic tiles according to the paintings. Mosaic flooring is made of stone, glass, marble and plastic. The large variety of mosaic tile makes it a very flexible flooring option.


The third advantage of mosaic tiles is that they are very durable. The mosaic has long life like marble and stone. Properly installed mosaics can last for centuries. This is because it can sustain the load and pressure. You can find the original mosaic flooring in many historic buildings of Roman and Egyptian times.


The fourth advantage of mosaic flooring is that it is highly resilient material. Mosaic tiles can sustain the high temperature and also resist the chemicals. It is not damaged by water so highly recommended in humid regions. Due to high resistance, you can clean the mosaic floor with the chemicals.

Expensive material

The first disadvantage of mosaic flooring is that it’s very expensive. It is more expensive then the tile or marble flooring. The manufacturing cost of mosaic tiles make it expensive. Small pieces of marble, stone or glass are joined together to make a mosaic tile. This is a time taking process which makes it expensive.

Low work-ability

The second disadvantage of mosaic flooring is that it has very low workability. Ordinary people cannot install mosaic tiles. You need to hire the services of experts to properly install the mosaic tiles. Even experts install mosaic tiles with great care and accuracy which increases the cost of installation.


The third disadvantage of mosaic flooring is that it gets slippery with the passage of time. Mosaic flooring has many finishing that are non-slippery but wet tiles are always slippery. Many hazards have been recorded on the mosaic floors. To avoid the hazards mosaic flooring should be regularly cleaned.

Breaks easily

The fourth disadvantage of mosaic flooring is that it easily breaks. Although mosaic flooring is durable but dropping of heavy objects can create the cracks. This mostly happens when mosaic tiles are not properly installed. To avoid the cracks mosaic tiles should be installed properly and all joints should be filled.

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