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6 Tips for Landlords to Screen Tenants

6 Tips for Landlords to Screen Tenants

The quarrels of landlords and tenants are well known. Most disputes arise when tenants fail to pay rents on time. Definitely tenants are guilty but to some extent landlords are also to be blamed. The reason is that most landlords never check the backgrounds of the tenants. Although buy to let investment is very profitable but many landlords sustain losses when rents are not received on time. This blog describes the top 6 tips for landlords to screen tenants.

Use a Tenancy form

The first thing to do for checking the backgrounds of the prospective tenants is to give them the tenancy forms to fill. The tenancy form is the great insight into the history of the tenants. By reading the filled tenancy forms landlords can know the financial conditions of the tenants and their tenancy history. Landlords can download the online tenancy forms. Or if landlords want the detailed screening of the tenants then they can print own forms.

Identity check

Many property frauds have been recorded where tenants have sold out the rental homes. These frauds are done by using the fake identity and forging property documents. To avoid these problems landlords should check the real identities of the future tenants. Landlords should ask for the photographs and copies of the national identity cards. If still frauds happen, landlords can use the documents to drag tenants in the court.

Criminal record check

The next step is to check the criminal record of the future tenants. Criminal record screening is very important to control the terrorist activities and sex assaults on kids & women. Landlords can easily check the criminal record of the tenants by visiting the local police station. Landlords simply have to provide the photographs and ID cards copies of the tenants. The police department will send the letter to the landlord with the complete crime history of future tenant.

Credit check

The major reason of ending the tenancy agreement is the inability of tenants to pay the rents on time. This mostly happens when landlords let homes to tenants without checking their credit history. To avoid this issue landlord should check the financial condition of the prospective tenant. This can be done by firstly checking the bank details of the tenant and secondly by the employment status. The shrewd landlords rent out their homes to the accountants, bankers, doctors, engineers and government employees.

References of previous landlords

To check the background of future tenants it is very important to contact the previous landlords. You should ask the tenants to provide the contact details of the previous landlords. Just call the landlords to acquire about the behavior of the tenants and their rent payment histories. Also never forget to ask about the reason of ending the rent agreement. Landlords should rent out their homes to the tenants who are recommended by the previous landlord.

Personal meeting

Most real estate frauds and scams happen when homes are rented out online. Landlords should only let homes to the tenants they have met personally. While meeting with tenants, landlords can check the pictures and identity cards. Secondly landlords will get familiar with the persons they will contact in future for rent collection and other matters. Thirdly personal meeting is also important to show home to the prospective tenant.

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