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Pros and Cons of a Large Home

Pros and Cons of a Large Home

It’s the dream of people to live in large homes due to the luxurious lifestyle. Living in a bigger home is not only hailed as a status symbol but also a mark of success. If you are planning to buy a big home then first learn about the pros and cons of a large home. This blog describe the pros and cons of a large home.

More space for family and furniture

The first advantage of bigger homes is that there is ample space for family and furniture. The large homes have proper dining area and living room. Even guest rooms are separate in big homes in form of drawing rooms. You can put many furniture pieces in rooms due to the availability of space.

Ample parking and storage spaces

The large homes have ample parking space as they have proper car porches. Even you can park extra cars in the driveways. Similarly large homes have the separate store rooms to stuff extra items. Therefore the second benefit of large homes is that they have ample parking and storage spaces.

Flexibility of additions

Most people want the alterations in their homes. Some want to change the layouts while others want to add extra bathroom or bedroom. In large home you can easily do the alterations according to your wish. At the same time you can also create a home office in large homes.

Perk to plant a garden

Everyone wants to have a garden in their homes. The people who have the large homes have the perk to create a front or back garden. The gardens can be used to grow the flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables. At the same time the gardens also serve as the small play grounds for the kids.

Renting a portion

The large homes offer the opportunity to rent out some space / portion. You can easily rent out a portion of your home as you can accommodate your family in the other portion. The rent amount can be used to pay off the monthly utility bills or the mortgage. This facility is not available in small homes.

High price

The first disadvantage of large homes is that the price is very high as compared to the small size homes. After buying the large homes people are left with no money for other things like starting a business. Therefore large homes are not ideal for the people who want to invest money in their businesses.

Higher maintenance costs

The cost of buying home is not just the price you pay to the seller but also the amount you spend on alterations / repairs. Large homes have the disadvantage that the repair or alteration cost is very high. At the same time utility bills are higher in large homes due to high heating and cooling costs.


The third disadvantage of large homes is that residents spend more time in their rooms than with the family members. This normally leads to the loneliness. Many rooms in large homes remain empty and feel ghostly. You might have heard the stories of large ghostly homes.

Low resale value

The fourth disadvantage of large homes is that they have low resale value. Large homes are mostly expensive and out of the range of most people. You might have noticed that large homes stay longer in the market to sell as compared to the small homes. This is because large homes attract few buyers.

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