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Ruthless Accountability has crashed Property Market

Ruthless Accountability has Crashed Property Market Pakistan was perhaps the only nation where corruption was the mark of success whereas honesty always led to degradation. But things have started moving in the right direction as SC and NAB have started the ruthless accountability. Now everyone will be questioned about the source of income as no…

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Home Selling Checklist

Home Selling Checklist Home selling is very common as people need to change the size or want to relocate for work. But strangely some people sell homes at profit whereas others sell at loss. The research shows that people who sell their homes at good price have home selling experience. If you are planning to…

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5 Tips to Become a Good Tenant

5 Tips to Become a Good Tenant Most people live in rentals before moving to their own homes. Some tenants find homes to rent very easily whereas others have to struggle. Many tenants are served the notices by the landlords to leave the properties even before the completion of rent agreements. The main reason is…

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Home Renting Checklist

Home Renting Checklist Living in rental property is very common before buying the first home. On one side tenants want to rent homes which are affordable and have all facilities. On other side landlords want tenants who pay rents on time and use properties with great care. Finding a suitable home or tenant is the…

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5 Advantages of Home Inspection before Buying

5 Advantages of Home Inspection before Buying Many homebuyers make the deadly mistake by not examining the house in detail to find the drawbacks. At the end buyers pay more as there are many hidden costs in form of repairs. Therefore it’s always better to thoroughly inspect a home before buying. Here are the top…

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