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5 Tips to Become a Good Tenant

5 Tips to Become a Good Tenant

Most people live in rentals before moving to their own homes. Some tenants find homes to rent very easily whereas others have to struggle. Many tenants are served the notices by the landlords to leave the properties even before the completion of rent agreements. The main reason is the bad behavior of the tenants. If you have issues with your landlord then change your behavior. Just read these 5 tips to become a good tenant.

Check your affordability

The financial consideration is very important to rent a home. As a tenant you have to pay the advance amount and also the monthly rent. Ideally no one should pay more than 33% of their monthly income on rents. If you pay more on monthly rent then you have to compromise on other expenses. You might also miss some rent payments that will lead to the quarrel with your landlord. Therefore always select a home to rent which is within your budget.

Know your duties

Most tenants are forced to end the rent agreements as they have no idea about their duties. The tenants have many duties to fulfill. Firstly tenants have to pay the monthly rents on time. Secondly tenants should keep the homes in good condition. Thirdly tenants need to inform the landlords about the condition of the homes. Fourthly tenants shouldn’t renovate homes without the consent of the landlords. Fifthly tenants have to give one month’s notice to the landlords if they want to move to other homes.

Use property with great care

Many tenants use homes very roughly which leads to the quarrels. The tenant should always use home with great care. The good tenants treat the rental homes as their own. Using a rental home with good care has many benefits. Firstly it will make good history of the tenant. Secondly landlord will not deduct the repair costs from advance payment at the end of rent agreement. Thirdly tenants will also take great care of their own homes in future.

Don’t be too strict on repairs

Every landlord wants to keep the property in good condition as it increases the resale value and helps in easily finding the tenants. But tenants should also know that the main purpose of renting homes is to earn money not to spend on regular repairs. The tenants should inform the landlord about the repair works but they should not be very strict. Landlords never like tenants who regularly ask for renovations. Therefore tenants should only ask for major repair works.

Always remain professional

We can’t neglect the disputes between landlords and tenants. But tenants should remain professional during disputes. Instead of starting fight the tenant should give verbal notice to the landlord. The next move by the tenants should be to consult their lawyers to send the legal notices to landlords. If problem still exists then tenants should take the matter to the courts. But tenant should never quarrel with landlord as it will make the case much weaker.

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