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Home Selling Checklist

Home Selling Checklist

Home selling is very common as people need to change the size or want to relocate for work. But strangely some people sell homes at profit whereas others sell at loss. The research shows that people who sell their homes at good price have home selling experience. If you are planning to sell your home and have no prior experience then there is no need to panic. This detailed home selling checklist will help you to sell your home at a profit.

Stage the home

You need to prepare the home for sale. This is important as buyers just ignore the homes that have weak structures with outdated finishes. So start by improving the home structure. Then replace the old finishes with latest ones. In next step replace the broken fixtures. To give your home the brand new looks paint the walls and ceilings. Finally maintain your garden by cutting grass and bringing plants to the size.

Find the prospective buyers

The next stage is to find the buyers. This can be done by hiring the local estate agents and also using online websites. Firstly visit the offices of local estate agents and tell them your home details and demand. Secondly post the information of your home on the property sites. Always update the details with great care especially your contact number. You also need to be realistic about the price as buyers will not contact you if your demand is too high.

Arrange for buyers visits

Once you receive calls from online buyers or estate agents, this is the time to show the home to prospective buyers. Arrange for the time and ideally you should be waiting for the buyers. Make sure that there is ample natural light in every room as it will make the space more beautiful and bright. When buyers reach your home just take them to the tour. Let the buyers freely examine every space as it will help them in making the quick decision to buy your home.

Consider offers

When you receive the offers you should not jump to the conclusions at once. Start negotiating the price with the prospective buyers whose offers are close to your demand. There is always ten percent price negotiation margin. You should try your best to bring the bid close to your demand. But you should not be very rigid as buyer will be discouraged and s/he will move to another home.


Once price is agreed between you and the buyer, then its time to start the payment process. You should demand the advance payment like 20% and decide about the rest of the amount. Also discuss about the payment method like cash or bank transfer. After the payment method is discussed, both you and the buyer should prepare the documents to transfer the home. You should hire the real estate lawyer for title transfer. Also tell your lawyer about the payment date as s/he will prepare the documents on time for transfer of home.

Home Buying Checklist

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